Alex Txikon in Italy for two meetings with Ferrino

Alex Txikon in Italy for two meetings with Ferrino

The Basque climber will be in Turin on Monday, May 30, and in Rome on Tuesday, May 31, to recount his exploits from the Himalayas to Antarctica

Alex Txikon has already written several pages in mountaineering history, having climbed an impressive 11 8,000-meter peaks. Let’s go back to February 26, 2016, where Alex, together with Simone Moro and Ali Sadpara, was part of the first rope team that managed to reach the summit of Nanga Parbat in the coldest season. Or we think back to the exploratory expedition to the Antarctic continent that Alex did in 2006, where he climbed new peaks and unexplored routes.

On Monday, May 30, at the auditorium of Sermig Arsenale della Pace in Turin, Alex will retrace his life as a mountaineer, recounting these and many other of his exploits flanked by journalist Gian Luca Gasca and supported by filmed testimonies. The same program will be repeated the following evening, Tuesday, May 31, in Rome in the conference room of the Hotel Hive.

Regarding these two appointments, Anna Ferrino, CEO of the company comments, “Alex’s is a type of mountaineering that we are particularly keen to support and bring as an example because to the very high profile under the aspect of sports performance he associates a sensitivity towards environmental and social issues in which our company also fully recognizes itself.”

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