An activism and adventure day to conclude the Patagonia Campaign

An activism and adventure day to conclude the Patagonia Campaign

Saturday, October 13th the last event of the Patagonia awareness campaign towards environmental issues took place. It was the last event of the campaign that began on October the 4th organized by the Californian brand that took place in the city of Milan and was inspired by the brand’s corporate mission:

Making the best product, not causing unnecessary damage, using business to inspire and implement solutions for the environmental crisis


How to protect the still unspoiled places in which we live? For an entire afternoon at the Tac space in Milan, personalities like Fabrizio Giraldi and Manuela Schirra, photographers and collaborators of National Geographic, Luca Albrisi, Italian videomaker and splitboarder, together with Zoe Hart, Patagonian ambassador and adventure-loving mom, discussed and organized workshops on this difficult but important topic. The event was moderated by Francesco Bertolini, co-founder of Milano Montagna Festival , and activism films by Patagonia were shown, including Takayna and Wolfpack.

There were also non-profit organizations: Io non ho paura del lupoCittadini per l’AriaSelva Urbana Lab Mountain Wilderness Italia. All proceeds of the day were donated to charity to the association Selva Urbana Lab.

Photographer: Matteo Pavana