Asics Introduces the New Superblast 2

Asics Introduces the New Superblast 2

Asics launches the long-awaited Superblast 2 equipped with the brand’s most innovative FF Turbo Plus foam to help runners feel energized with every step.

ASICS is excited to introduce the new SUPERBLAST 2, the latest entries in the category of responsive, energized performance running shoes. First launched in December 2022, this new model in the “super trainer” range is designed with the super responsive and comfortable FF TURBO PLUS midsole, as well as a revamped upper that is even more breathable and comfortable. The stack height gives an incredible responsive feel underfoot, making this shoe the ace in the hole for wearers.

Technological Improvements

The shoe has been improved with the inclusion in the midsole of FF TURBO PLUS foam, already used in the Japanese company’s flagship METASPEED SKY PARIS and METASPEED EDGE PARIS models, which are chosen by many runners as viable options for use in races. This foam is about 8 percent lighter, 6 percent softer, and has 8.2 percent more energy return than FF BLAST TURBO, featured in the first version.

The midsole also features a bottom layer of FF BLAST PLUS ECO cushioning, made with about 24 percent bio-based material, which promotes softer landings and a more energetic start. The combination of the two technologies provides super-responsive cushioning that helps runners improve their performance while conserving energy and preserving them from injury.

Innovative Outsole and Upper

Pushing the boundaries of technology, the SUPERBLAST 2 shoe also features ASICSGRIP, an innovative rubber outsole originally designed for off-road terrain, which provides improved traction and advanced comfort during every run. Finally, the ENGINEERED WOVEN upper, created in one piece that is lightweight and highly breathable, provides additional comfort.

ASICS statements

Laura Bolgen, Director of Product Management Department, Performance Running Footwear says, “Born from the evolution of several high-performance running shoes, SUPERBLAST 2 integrates our latest innovation, FF TURBO PLUS technology, into the midsole. This material is not only lighter and softer, but also provides exceptional energy return to help runners feel a new level of responsiveness and comfort with every stride. SUPERBLAST 2 footwear will increase your running efficiency and inspire your mind to reach new heights“.

Launch Details

SUPERBLAST 2 weighs 249 g in size US 9 (EU 42.5) and will be available for purchase from July 5, 2024 at a price of €220.00. It will be launched as part of the Celebration of Sport collection, a line that includes some of ASICS’ most popular models, distinguishable by distinctive coloring designed to release energy and inspire positivity with every step.

To find out more, visit the Asics website here!

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