Bear Grylls joins the Jack Wolfskin Discovery Team

Bear Grylls joins the Jack Wolfskin Discovery Team

Well-known German brand Jack Wolfskin recently announced a new partnership with Bear Grylls, famous adventurer, bestselling author, and BAFTA and Emmy award winner.

The collaboration between the two brands is based on a common philosophy. Jack Wolfskin is indeed focused on discovering and promoting outdoor activities, with an ongoing commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. Its motto,“Engineered in Germany, Proven in the Wild,” sums up the precision and progress approach typical of German culture. Bear Grylls, for his part, is the very emblem of discovery, wilderness adventure and survival. Known around the world for his television programs that have garnered more than a billion viewers, Grylls has spent his life always challenging himself and taking on new and exciting challenges.

This partnership aims to expand areas of exploration, make new discoveries, deepen knowledge of wilderness, and improve environmental responsibility. “Both brands want to arouse curiosity, impart knowledge, encourage action, and enable everyone to have their own adventures” said Mokhtar Benbouazza, vice president of marketing.

The Jack Wolfskin Discovery Team, comprised of explorers, researchers, educators, and creatives, enthusiastically welcomes Bear Grylls to join a team of highly skilled and passionate professionals.

At a time when modern lifestyles and work has gradually attenuated the connection between people and the natural world, Jack Wolfskin wants to address these issues and, together with Bear and his team, encourage young people to spend more time outdoors and improve their life skills.

Jack Wolfskin CEO Richard Collier pointed out that Bear Grylls is a perfect fit for the brand’s motto, “We Live to Discover,” which invites people to have meaningful outdoor experiences with family and friends, with a global commitment to regenerate natural places, species and the human spirit.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Jack Wolfskin and Bear Grylls represents a unique opportunity for all outdoor enthusiasts to discover new horizons, deepen their knowledge of nature, and help preserve the environment for future generations.

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