Colombia Sportswear presents the Facet 75 Mid OutDry

Colombia Sportswear presents the Facet 75 Mid OutDry

Columbia Sportswear has announced the launch of the Facet 75 Mid OutDry hiking shoe, designed for outdoor enthusiasts who intend to tackle any trail with confidence and agility.

The Facet 75 Mid OutDry model offers several patented Columbia innovations, such as the NAVIC FIT SYSTEM, which provides natural midfoot lockdown, and the TECHLITE PLUSH midsole, which provides superior cushioning. In addition, thanks to the Adapt Trax outsole and OutDry technology, the shoe provides traction suitable for all types of terrain and a breathable waterproof structure, eliminating the moisture problems that weigh down traditional waterproof garments.

The Facet 75 Mid OutDry hiking shoe was presented along with the “Be the Goat advertising campaign, from the English acronym G.O.A.T.(greatest of all times), which celebrates the mountain goat as a symbol of agility and dexterity. The campaign promotes hiking as an experience to rediscover the connection between people and nature.

Most of us don’t start a journey with the goal of becoming the greatest hiker of all time,” said Shane Downey, Senior Director of Footwear Merchandising at Columbia. “Regardless of one’s aspirations, one thing is universal: we need equipment that makes us feel confident and capable.”

Columbia Sportswear continues to improve its offering of footwear suitable for every season and activity. From award-winning winter boots to trail-running shoes, the company is committed to providing its customers with useful gear to mitigate any risk while hiking.

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