Enviro Splitboard Camp

Enviro Splitboard Camp

Take your splits, be open to discussion and get ready to act!

Last winter the Ingloriousplitboarders were born – completely off the books – a group of riders with a strong anti-competitive desire.


In their “birth declaration” we read:

We are inglorious.

Because we don’t care about getting to the top and even about the meters of difference in height climbed, what we care about is “to go”; pour sweat and spit blood, laughing.

We are not made for glory, because we hate selfishness and we disdain competition for its own sake, fighting against the demon of protagonism.

We are not made for speed, we like to move fast, but with the slowness necessary to appreciate every moment and to feel in touch with the places we cross.

We give equal importance to every moment spent in nature, on our splits.

In a wood, in a steep canal or in high mountains. In the company of friends, strangers or in total solitude.

On powder or on ice.

For us, the “how much” will never count more than the “how”.

For us, the top will never count more than ONE top.

For us, performance will never count more than a shared moment.

We are not a crew,

we are not a club,

and not even an association.

We are a free splitboarder collective that doesn’t want to be framed or pigeonholed.

So we’re not even that.

We are – simply – inglorious.

Because glory is not for us.

Exactly one year later, after some spontaneous get-togethers, the Inglorious decided to organize the first Enviro Splitboard Camp, an appointment able to fully express their philosophy.

The goal of the camp, in fact, was not only to share two days of splitboarding in pristine areas within the Stelvio Park but also – and above all – to create a continuity between outdoor activities and environmental issues.

That’s why Luca Albrisi and Luca Dalpez – supported by the Alpine Guide Tiziano Canella and in collaboration with the environmental association Selva Urbana – proposed two days of split trips alternating with the screening of documentaries and moments of discussion regarding some of the main environmental issues related to the territories mountain.

This first camp, called “Hug a Tree” edition, was precisely dedicated to trees and their fundamental importance within the natural system.

For this reason they’ve explored some areas of the Val di Peio characterized by the presence of secular larches – which the Inglorious have indeed hugged – and the documentary Treeline was screened, focusing on the surprising characteristics of the trees and their way of creating a system.

In this way, it was possible at the same time to deepen theoretical environmental aspects, touch the areas strictly affected by these issues and hypothesize possible concrete actions to be implemented.


The intent of the next appointments will be to address different environmental issues based on the chosen territories and the problems connected to them but keeping the same Inglorious spirit.




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