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The layering system 2.0 by Adidas Terrex

Layering and protection combine with the typical Terrex concept for a clean and versatile fall line.
Adidas Terrex Layering System

By Alessandra Sola

Photo by
Cosimo Maffione

Minimal weights, for both men’s and women’s collections, without sacrificing warmth and comfort in the new fall Adidas Terrex collection.

By layering system we mean wearing multiple garments, of different weights, one on top of the other to undress or cover ourselves depending on the weather condition. This is something we are all familiar with; even our grandmothers used to dress “onion-style.”
revolutionizes “dressing in layers,” making it 2.0 and creating garments that, thanks to the layering system, give the old warmth of the onion effect with much less weight and in much less volume. The partners for the technologies in this layering are established in the world of outdoor wear, and their goal is always to ensure a high-performance product. Primaloft, Gore-Tex and merino wool the real stars of this collection.

We at The Pill tried out some of the Adidas Terrex layering system garments for you and tell you about them in the next few lines.

Adidas Terrex Xperior Gore-Tex Paclite Rain Jacket

Designed for those who love to run in the rain, this Gore-Tex jacket keeps you dry from head to… waist! Maximum comfort and range of motion, thanks to a weight of only 410 g. The layers allow breathability and at the same time waterproofing. Always dry head with super tight-fitting hood.

Adidas Terrex Xperior Merino 200 base layer

A second skin made of 100% natural merino fiber that is versatile and performs in even the most extreme conditions. The softness of merino wool neutralizes odors, provides natural insulation, and regulates moisture and temperature. A truly high-performance base layer.

Adidas Terrex Xperior Merino 200 base layer
Terrex Swift R3 Gore-Tex hiking shoes

Adidas Terrex Swift R3 Gore-Tex hiking shoes

Minimum weight maximum yield. It wasn’t quite like that, we know, but it couldn’t sound any better than with this hiking shoe. Stable in any situation and suitable for any climate, flexible, water-repellent and breathable. Water and mud will just be stains on the shoe, without affecting the mobility of your foot. Protection remains one of the prerogatives, but without making the shoe massive. Comfort and cushioning as watchwords.

Adidas Terrex Layering 23
Adidas Terrex Layering 23
Adidas Terrex Layering 23

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