Dr. Wolfenbergen X Amplid

Dr. Wolfenbergen X Amplid

Amplid has created a limited edition of their award-winning board The Singular and The Singular Twin in collaboration with American artist Just Moll a.k.a. Dr. Wolfenbergen.

Fruitful dialogue arises from the collision of thesis and antithesis. There is no “outside” without a center. There is no hard shell without a soft heart. There is no sound without silence, no black without white. And there is no snow without water.
What if we let the high-fidelity feel of Peter Bauer ‘s boards collide with the low-fidelity misanthropic aesthetic of Justin Moll aka Dr. Wolfenbergen‘s artwork?
The beloved Singular and Singular Twin, now in an alternative guise. Same outstanding all-mountain performance, different message.
Enjoy this new level of riding narrated by Justi Moll and Peter Bauer.

Guys, why do you think Amplid and Dr. Wolfenbergen are a good combination?

Justin Moll a.k.a Dr. Wolfenbergen

Justin Moll: “In a sense we are opposites. Amplid makes exquisite products with eye-catching designs and careful planning. I design things that look more like garbage than a gallery. So when Peter contacted me, I was surprised. But just as a gallery wall can make art look valuable, I feel that the way we display work on these elegant boards makes my art look radical.”

Peter Bauer, Amplid CEO

Peter Bauer: “I couldn’t agree more, very often it is a real positive energy that opposing forces emit when they collide. The raw drawing style and hard message of Justin’s artwork on our clean boards blend perfectly into something new.”

Peter, what brands have you collaborated with so far?

PB: So far we have kept away from any kind of collaboration, I think simply because we were very busy with technical things. We obviously devote a lot of energy to graphics, but most of the artwork is done in-house by our graphic designer Michi Hanauer.

But what about you, Justin?

JM: I’ve been lucky enough to work with really epic brands like Ernie Ball and Nuclear Blast Records. But this is the first time I have collaborated with a company in this way, using the work I have done for myself on their products.

We know about Peter that he has lived and breathed snowboarding culture for the past half century. Justin, how would you describe the cultural cluster you live in?

JM: I worked my way up in punk shows, bars and things like that. Right now I am focused on family and daily work, so time is limited. But when I can, I like to tinker with old Triumph 650s and vintage American cars. I am lucky because my father taught me a lot about building hot rods and things like that.

Peter, why did you choose the Singular Series to carry out the collaboration?

PB: Our entire sales team agreed on this decision: The Singular and Singular Twin are our most successful snowboards. They won many awards this and last season, so that was the main reason we decided to do it with these decks. We also wanted to give riders an alternative choice in terms of aesthetics: The Singulars online are quite clean and understated; if a rider wants a Singular with a stronger visual message, they now have a choice.

How do you see snowboard culture from your perspective, Justin?

JM: I grew up in the 1980s and early 1990s, when skateboard culture was huge. I had two major artistic influences growing up: Derek Riggs (Iron Maiden covers) and Jim Phillips (Santa Cruz skateboards). Without a doubt I can tell you that I suck at skateboarding and can’t snowboard more than 100 feet without hurting myself. I never had the coordination needed. But the artwork in that world has had a huge influence on my life.

These are not just snowboards, with your collaboration these decks are pieces of art: where do you display them?

JM: I have some skateboards for which I have made artwork hanging around the house, especially in my studio. I’ll put them right next to those! It will be great.