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Nike’s adventure in the world of trail running is dated back to 1978. That year, some of the American best mountaineers reached the top of K2, the world’s second-highest peak, wearing Nike running shoes.

Birthed in the Pacific Northwest, a love of the outdoors has always been a part of Nike’s DNA. And as trail running was emerging, Nike employees were some of the earliest adopters. Nike’s former CEO Mark Parker in fact designed the companies first official trail running shoe because he was looking for running shoes uniquely suited for the sport he practiced.

From the beginning, Nike has had all the right components to bring to trail running. Lightweight, traction, materials innovation, lacing and methods of make that create minimal invasiveness from the elements have been core to Nike’s outdoor and trail products from the beginning. And in many ways, the outdoor athlete mindset aligns more closely to Nike’s ethos than most sports. Uncompromising and driven, Nike Trail is at the heart of what makes Nike, Nike.

Nike’s belief is that trail running can be an antidote to running. Traditionally running has been all about the time split on the watch, races and medals. Then comes trail, where races are a big thing, but getting out there and detach from the present is far more important. Pace isn’t that relevant when running on trails, not as much as the efforts that you put in can be. On trails, pace and distance are relative to where you run: sharp bends, dense forests, winding pathways, steep grounds. So in the end, what truly matters are the emotions that come with trail. It is mainly about the experience, not the end line. It’s the journey, not the destination.

Trail running is also made of its community, mountaineers and outdoor lovers. And as well as in Nike communities, it is a diverse and inclusive group where your color, race, social background, origins do not define you when running. At the same time, all are equal and welcome to run on trails. Respect the environment, protect the planet, make it your playground and keep it clean are the main values of trail running, and that’s what it makes it sustainable.

Just choose your technical shoes based on different terrains, bring multiple layers of apparel, pack your outfits and you’re ready to go.

Trail is freedom, trail is power. And it’s for everyone.

Nike Trail Genealogy

Nike’s trail running history started almost by accident in 1978 when a team of America’s best mountaineers hiked to K2 basecamp wearing a pair of Nike LDV. The first model specifically designed for trail running arrived in 1984 with Nike Escape. The rest is history.


Nike Trails are for everyone

They have different characteristics and backgrounds but one great passion in common: trail running. They are Nike athletes, a community of outdoor lovers who gather on the trails to share an experience and to transform the alpine environment in their own playground.


Cesare Maestri

He lives immersed in the Brenta Dolomites where he dedicates himself to mountain running. A great commitment as an engineer and as a person to the environment and the desire to convey what he is passionate about. Cesare Maestri tells us about his trails and his thoughts.


Francesco Puppi 

Francesco Puppi is not only an athlete who runs very fast but also a guy involved in the environment in which his activity as a runner takes place. He uses his voice and blog as means of communication to take a daily position on social and gender issues.

Dora Atim

A long experience in the running world. Short distances, marathons, trail and ultra races, Dora never stops pushing her limits. In 2020 she founded Ultra Black Running for increasing the participation of black women and black non-binary people in the world of running.


Valeria Margherita Mosca

Forager, environmental researcher and trail runner. In 2010 she founded Wood*ing, a food lab that studies the use of wild food for human nutrition. She collects the plant samples she analyzes in the woods and in the uncontaminated natural environments where she runs. 


Ilaria & Stefano

An osteopath who has recently discovered a passion for running in the mountains and a personal trainer who also runs an online fitness platform. They are Ilaria Magistri and Stefano Bianchi, friends and partners on mountain trails, united by a strong passion for trail running.


Nike Trail Footwear Collection

Wildhorse 7, Air Zoom Terra Kiger 7, Pegasus Trail 3. From dirt trails to inaccessible descents and steep climbs, up to multi-day ultra running races and much more. The new Nike capsule collection is inspired by alpine trails and by the suggestive routes of the Alps.

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