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The Pill Outdoor Journal 51: Snowboard Special

Snowboard special is here!
More than 100 pages dedicated to snowboarding. Exploration, stories, trips, interviews and lots and lots of powder.
On the cover Antti Autti photographed by Olli Oilinki for the film Roam.


Sometimes, in order to continue to follow your own path, you need to make a change. Other times, a change is necessary to carry on that same path. And we really like changes. We feel the need to change, it is part of our constant desire to amaze and be amazed.

We had already anticipated you that something would happen a few months ago within the Snowboard Guide FW 21/22, the first one branded The Pill. Even if we are sorry to abandon a name, the one of Sequence, which has accompanied one of the reference magazines at European level for almost 20 years, behind these pages there are always the same people and the same passion. Over time we have changed logos, layout, paper, graphics. But we did it as a natural evolution of the times.

Snowboarding has changed significantly since its origins. Let me tell you this considering that I’ve been following this world since 1994. Over two decades I have witnessed the developments, facets and renewals of this sport and the industry that follows from it, including print and media. I have seen names disappear, companies evolve and survive precisely because they have been able to keep up with the times and cross the borders of neighboring universes, change towards a new audience and new market needs. That’s why today The Pill Snowboarding is integrated into a broader scenario, the one of The Pill Outdoor Journal. Because in the end, what interests us is to experience the outdoors at 360°. By any means.

The logic changes, the offer changes. And thanks to this pandemic, the way of going to the mountains also changes. How many of you, in the last two seasons, have approached the backcountry and splitboard world? How many of you, thanks to this, have broaden their friendships and found new companies? The fact that today I find myself attending the mountains during winter with many skiers is a sign of the changing times. The historic snowboard barriers against all no longer exist. And in all this, companies could not help but chase these needs. The proposal, today, is clear for all to see.

Snowboarding is still alive, it’s still here in order to go on growing, changing, contaminating itself with new essences, finding new forms of expression. And we, in the same way, sometimes need a shake to make us realize how dangerous it is to stand still.

Davide Fioraso

Learning To Drown

Jess Kimura, surfer, snowboarder and filmmaker, tells us how to learn to drown in order to get back to shore.

“Where is up and where is down? Waves are whisking me. I’m drowning.”

Roam, Antti Autti

The Finnish rider’s latest project shows an artistic perspective of his splitboard adventures as he chases the ever-changing cycle of light.

The art of Snowboarding

We met Elio Fumagalli: a Swiss rider with Italian roots, he told us about his way of expressing himself through snowboarding – also helping to distract himself from negative thoughts.

Oasen: a film by Vans

“Because social media and instant content kill a lot of creativity. Our goal was to make a snowboard film which people would remember and ideally want to re-watch.”

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Julien Pica Herry

At almost 37 years old, the Alpine Guide from Chamonix is currently one of the most accomplished splitboarders around, with many first descents on his home mountains and in Pakistan.

What’s up Severin?

After a couple of years since the Sequence interview, we had another chat with Severin. What has he been up to these last two years and how has he changed?


We asked photographer Silvano Zeiter to tell us a few details about Chroma, Alexander Tank’s film that talks about dreams and disappointments – as well as Severin and snowboarding.

Carving Revival

Snowboarders fell in love with it in the nineties, then the hype around carving diminished. Now that it’s back in fashion, it could revive the world, and the market, of snowboarding.

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