Ferrino is ready to set off again to discover the Sentiero Italia CAI Va’ Sentiero

Ferrino is ready to set off again to discover the Sentiero Italia CAI Va’ Sentiero

They should have left with the arrival of spring Yuri Basilicò, Sara Furlanetto and Giacomo Riccobono, the guys who founded the project Va’ Sentiero. To change their plans the Coronavirus pandemic that put the country in lockdown, but now it’s time to lace up your boots, adjust your shoulder straps and start again along the Sentiero Italia, a path of 6000 kilometers that crosses the Alps, Apennines and major islands in an ideal itinerary that embraces the whole of Italy.

“It is a pleasure to continue to be at the side of the boys in this restart,” said Anna Ferrino, CEO. “Today more than ever their long journey of discovery of our country, to tell and enhance the beauty of the landscape and lesser-known inland areas, takes on a meaning of rebirth”.

Leaving on April 27, 2019 from Trieste, the guys from Va’ Sentiero walked the Alps, the northern Apennines and part of the central one reaching Visso, at the foot of the Sibillini Mountains, after 7 months and 3500 kilometers of path. From this small town in the province of Macerata they will resume their journey next August 30. This year they will face a path of 80 days that will take them through Marche, Abruzzo, Molise and Puglia. Territories of great naturalistic charm and rich in history, but unfortunately often little known and valued. “For these places the Path Italy is really an opportunity,” the boys and girls confide.

The last part of the long path, southern Apennines and islands, will face it instead in 2021.


An expedition open to all

As already for the first part of the path, also in this second part those who want to join Va’ Sentiero to walk together one, two or more stages. Doing it is very simple, just follow the Facebook page of the project to know the location of the boys and have information about where and when you can join them. A great way to discover the beautiful country in company.

The philosophy

It is not a sport enterprise, but rather a social initiative, based on the idea of sharing: an adventure told through the web and social networks, an experience that wants to be a window on the Italian high lands: landscapes, faces, traditions, dishes, crafts, dialects. Anyone will be able to join the expedition for a short time, testifying at first hand the centrality of the mountains and the importance of a sustainable approach to the environment.

A collective experience, respecting the places to relaunch the priceless naturalistic and environmental heritage of our country: “thanks to our journey, we want to make the Sentiero Italia known especially to our peers, all over the world, and give voice to the high lands, wonderful places, yet often forgotten, depopulated, abandoned to themselves,” said Yuri Basilicò, creator of Va’ Sentiero.