Green Media Lab presents The Sustainable Choice

Green Media Lab presents The Sustainable Choice

The Sustainable Choice: the sustainability webinar applied to business

A series of virtual appointments, one per week, developed around the concept of sustainability as a conscious corporate choice.
First appointment on Tuesday 5 May at 5 pm dedicated to the theme of Food.

Green Media Lab, a media relation company active in consultancy in the areas of sustainability, sport, lifestyle, tech and outdoor, presents “The Sustainable Choice”, a series of virtual conferences that aim to explore the relationship between the theme of sustainability and the role of modern companies. The project is based on the idea that “sustainability” and “business” are not conflicting concepts: on the contrary, the belief is that creating an efficient and at the same time sustainable business model is not a utopia.

The webinar was born with the need to give voice to companies and protagonists who believe in this philosophy, who have recognized sustainability as the means to create a better business and who want to have a real positive impact on the planet and society.

In the first appointment of “The Sustainable Choice” scheduled for Tuesday, May 5 at 5 pm, which will focus on the theme of FOOD, the environmental impact of intensive agricultural practices will be investigated with WWF Lombardy Delegate Gianni Del Pero. This will be followed by an in-depth study dedicated to Artificial Intelligence against waste, with the case history of the food-tech company Cortilia and the activities of the association Recup, which fights food waste and social exclusion.

The calendar of events, which is constantly updated on the website, continues with a series of in-depth studies related to sustainable fashion, alternative mobility, stakeholder economy and the importance of communicating sustainability.
Participation in the webinar is free and requires a subscription to the following link.