Media Content : Three paths with a view of the sea

Media Content : Three paths with a view of the sea

How to combine the summer lure of the sea with the experience of a long route in stages in Sardinia, Salento and Elba Island with the batoncino Cober adonis!

To finally devote one’s vacation to a stage walk or to answer the call of the sea? It is not always essential to choose between one or the other solution. In fact, there are some walking routes that combine the experience of walking with the seascape and the pleasure of a dip in the sea. In collaboration with ambassadors from Cober, the leading Italian brand of outdoor poles, we have selected three sea-view walks of increasing length and commitment, from the four-day ridge crossing of Elba Island to the more than five hundred kilometers immersed in the history and nature of southwestern Sardinia.

GTE – The Great Elban Crossing

From one end of Elba Island to the other in four stages: the Grande Traversata Elbana is an experience that is perhaps closer to trekking than to walking, considering the total positive elevation gain that exceeds three thousand meters. The route follows the ridge from east to west, starting from the village of Cavo, which can be reached by ferry from Piombino.

During the day you walk surrounded by the nature of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, while in the evening you descend to Porto Azzurro, Procchio and Poggio, small towns on the coast where you can stay overnight and bathe in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Upon reaching Mt. Capanne, the trail forks for the last stage, offering two alternative destinations: Patresi (with more elevation gain) and Pomonte (all downhill).

  • Length: to Patresi 58.7 km; to Pomonte 51.2 km
  • Stages: 4
  • Format: linear, with two arrival alternatives
  • More information

The Salento Trail – Way of the Sea

From Lecce to Santa Maria di Leuca, the Salento Way of the Sea is a one hundred and fifteen kilometer route divided into six stages, ideal for those who have a week to devote to this walking experience. The first stage with destination San Foca already leads to the Adriatic coast, and from there the route basically maintains a sea view.

The route runs mainly along mid-coast paths, among coastal towers, natural pools, caves and small bays, but also includes passages on the beach and among Aleppo pine forests. The itinerary ends in Santa Maria di Leuca, at the southeastern tip of the Italian peninsula, climbing the 284 steps of the Santuario de Finibus Terrae, the final limit of inhabited land for Roman cives.

The Santa Barbara Mining Trail

An entire month in southwest Sardinia along the trails and dirt roads of Sulcis Iglesiente Guspinese. The numbers of this loop walk with departure and arrival in Iglesias are remarkable: thirty stages for a total of five hundred kilometers.

The route winds around the Historical and Environmental Geominerary Park of Sardinia, which was created to enhance the disused mining areas of Sardinia that, during the industrial revolution, almost totally provided for the metal needs of the nascent Italian state. The places traversed are memorable, both inland and by the sea, and include the famous Piscinas Dunes, the Buggerru coastline, and a ferry passage to the island of Carloforte.

  • Length: 500 km
  • Stages: 30
  • Format: ring-shaped
  • More information

Cober Adonis – A walking stick

Cober is the leading Italian brand of aluminum poles for trail and walking enthusiasts. New for the 2024 summer season is Adonis, a stick featuring materials and design inspired by nature.

High-quality design and materials

The Adonis stick features a long foam knob that echoes the aesthetic pattern of cork, with green accents in the technical and graphic elements. The knob is ergonomic, with a 7-degree tilt and infradural grip.

Adjustment and robustness

Adonis is adjustable in height from 110 to 140 centimeters and is composed of three pieces made from a combination of Ergal tubing and Alu 5083, a light but strong aluminum alloy. It features a widia toe cap and double CamLock closure for quick and efficient height adjustment.

Technical specifications.

  • Adjustable length: 110 > 140 cm
  • Tube: alu 7075 – 5083
  • Diameter: 18 – 16 – 14 mm
  • Knob: long cork-effect foam
  • Handrail: neoprene
  • Wheel: 50 mm
  • Tip: widia
  • Weight: 279 gr.
  • Price: 94.90 euros

Cober sticks are available in stores and online at the site by clicking here!

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