Mountains, emotions and great stories at the Trento Film Festival

Mountains, emotions and great stories at the Trento Film Festival

The Trento Film Festival is about to return, with exciting new programming for its 71st edition. Most of the films that will be shown are documentaries focused on the mountain world, but there will be no shortage of narrative features that will open and close the festival.

The opening film, Sur les chemins noirs, takes us on a discovery of France through the eyes of a famous explorer who, played by Jean Dujardin, decides to walk along forgotten paths in search of himself and his roots. This is an autobiographical film based on the book of the same name by French writer Sylvain Tesson, which promises to thrill audiences with a story of exploration, discovery and personal rebirth.

Instead, the closing film, Rispet, directed by Trentino-based director Cecilia Bozza Wolf, takes us to a mountain village where the inhabitants consider themselves one big family, but where a deep inability to express their emotions and desires creeps in. An intense and profound film that deals with universal themes such as family, identity and communication.

But these are not the only cinematic works that we will be able to see during the festival: in fact, there will be more than 120 films, both domestic and international. Prominent among them are. La Montagne, filmed between Chamonix and Mont Blanc where the protagonist takes refuge in the middle of winter to escape the world in communion with nature and the mountains; Let the River Flow, a film that tells the story of a group of boys trying to save a river threatened by the construction of a dam and Heights and Depths, inspired by the true story of the great mountaineer Zsolt Erőss, who went missing in 2013 on Kangchenjunga and managed to climb despite wearing a prosthesis in place of his right leg. The entire story is told from the point of view of his wife Hilda Sterczer, also a mountaineer, who is forced to helplessly follow her husband’s fate thousands of miles away, and to grieve alone with their two children.

In short, the Trento Film Festival promises to give audiences a wide variety of films, including documentaries and narrative features that will excite, reflect and discover new worlds. Pre-sale of tickets and subscriptions will be available online and at cinema ticket offices starting April 21.

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