Polartec, keeping in shape female

Polartec, keeping in shape female

Has the gym activity been paused? A woman in quarantine doesn’t mean a sedentary woman

Lots of women have immediately found the best way to keep fit, indoors or in the outdoor spaces available at home, without violating the lockdown that forces us to stay in our homes. However, it is important to always wear the right clothing, because the passion for movement and the need for comfort are always the same, even at home, as is the attention to sustainability.

With Polartec’s highly technical fabrics, a leader in innovative and sustainable fabrics, you always play it safe: Polartec’s sustainable novelty is Power Air, 100% recyclable, a textile technology that disperses up to 80% less microfibers when you wear or wash the product. Consisting of 89% post-consumer recycled content, the fabric’s grid structure uses the efficiency of encapsulated air to protect the microfibers and the result is a warm, comfortable and breathable product. So you can also enjoy this new way of keeping fit or the moments you take for yourself, in mid-season, in the outdoor spaces of your home.


Power Air Houdi Donna is a lightweight, breathable and comfortably warm technical garment perfect for mid-season or cooler summer evenings: all this thanks to the innovative sustainable Polartec Power Air fabric, 100% recyclable. The design is based on the iconic Houdini Power Houdi, slim fit and technical details, by a brand that has always been careful to combine technicality, style and attention to the environment in its garments.

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