PrimaLoft Bio, Relentlessly Responsible and circularity

PrimaLoft Bio, Relentlessly Responsible and circularity

PrimaLoft Bio Performance Fabric is the newcomer in the ranks of biodegradable technologies of the US brand, global leader in advanced material technology for comfort solutions based on insulation materials and high performance fabrics.

It is a synthetic fabric made from 100% post-consumer recycled material, its fibers break down when exposed to specific environments, such as a landfill or the ocean, and become more attractive to the naturally-occurring microbes found in these places. This process breaks down the basic elements of polyester to transform it into a high-performance material, without compromising its original integrity.

As a result, this breakthrough combats the growing problem of microplastics littering the ocean. Its fibers are in fact renewable and functional to a circular economy, and fit perfectly into the mission of the brand called Relentlessly Responsible.

To date, PrimaLoft has saved more than 90 million plastic bottles from landfills and transformed them into premium insulation technologies. By 2020, 90% of the brand’s insulation products will have at least 50% post-consumer recycled content, without compromising performance.

“PrimaLoft Bio’s intention has always been to address the eventual end of a garment’s life effectively, finding a solution to the microplastic problem” said Mike Joyce, president and CEO of PrimaLoft.

“Biodegradability is an end-of-life solution that works harmoniously with the circularity model. With the ability to renew our fibers, we are contributing to the circular economy, the next frontier of sustainability”.

Since 2007 PrimaLoft uses recycled polyester fibers from plastic bottles. Through this traditional mechanical recycling process it is possible to create new high-performance materials. However, this method cannot be used repeatedly without sacrificing the performance characteristics of polyester and continuing to use additional natural resources. That’s why PrimaLoft looked for new ways to close the system: Primaloft Bio Performance Fabric and Primaloft Bio Insulation were born, both available on the market starting from 2020 autumn.

In addition, PrimaLoft and the environmental organization Parley for the Oceans have announced a strategic partnership that will take plastic intercepted from remote islands, beaches and coastal communities and use it to manufacture high-performance insulation products.

8 million tonnes of plastic ends up in the ocean per year. This enormous amount of plastic pollution has a tremendous impact on marine life, as it costs the lives of 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals yearly. The economic consequences are also immense: each year, plastic causes $8 billion in damage to marine ecosystems.

The collaboration with PrimaLoft as the official partner of the Parley supply chain in the global network is a key step in this fight. PrimaLoft will do everything possible to incorporate and implement the AIR (Avoid. Intercept. Redesign) strategy, to reduce the company’s plastic footprint and will join forces in the fight against marine plastic pollution.