Salewa launches Vento: its first mountain-bike capsule collection

Salewa launches Vento: its first mountain-bike capsule collection

Salewa’s first mountain-bike collection offers products with sophisticated designs and natural materials, reflecting a faster and more sustainable way to reach destinations at altitude.

Putting its experience and expertise in technical clothing and weather protection to good use, the South Tyrolean brand designed this collection to have minimal environmental impact by using natural fabrics such as Alpine Hemp and Alpine Merino wool. In addition, garments in the Vento collection include numerous details designed specifically to meet cycling needs: technical T-shirts have pockets to hold accessories and energy bars, and pants have padding and anti-abrasion inserts that ensure maximum functionality even while cycling. Other design elements common to all the garments in the bike-to collection are neon reflective details to improve visibility in the dark, an important aspect especially when tackling longer tours.

“For many of us, a bicycle is not only a piece of sports equipment, but also a great daily means of transportation with which to go to college, to the office or gym, or simply to get around town. The growing popularity of electric bikes and gravel bikes is also stimulating more and more people to use bicycles to reach the starting points of hiking or trekking trails and climbs. Here, then, is the concept declined into bike-to-hike, bike-to-climb or any other mountain discipline. This is a development that we find very positive, so much so that we decided to dedicate our first capsule collection specifically to bike-to mountain activities. We wanted to create an outfit that would lend itself well to cycling as well as hiking and climbing,” explains Thomas Aichner, Salewa’s Marketing Director.

Wind Hemp/Durastretch shorts M

Durable and breathable, these men’s MTB shorts are a versatile garment that is also well suited for mountaineering and climbing. Alpine Hemp, a highly functional stretch fabric made from textile hemp, an environmentally sustainable natural fiber that offers high comfort, was chosen as the main material. The addition of recycled polyester yarns gives the material greater abrasion resistance. In addition, Durastretch inserts placed at the most stressed areas make these shorts even more durable and versatile. In contrast, the mesh insert on the back ensures more comfort and breathability. Technical details include a laser-cut zippered cargo pocket on the side, two side pockets, and reflective details for increased visibility in the dark, making the Vento Hemp Shorts the ideal choice for long mountain outings. Price: €130.

Wind AM HYB jacket M/W

The Vento AM Hybrid Jacket is made from a lightweight blend of fine Merino AlpineWool and Tencel Lyocell fibers, and weighs only 160 grams. In addition to being very soft, AlpineWool® wool, derived from mountain sheep, has natural anti-odor properties. A feature it shares with the natural fiber Tencel™Lyocell, which is produced in an environmentally friendly way from a renewable resource: wood. Due to its smooth surface with high evaporation properties, this material offers excellent moisture management. The structure of the model is designed according to the principle of bodymapping, which involves the use of different materials according to the areas of the body, so as to optimize the functionality of the garment. The Nylon-Tencel insert on the front, with windproof but at the same time breathable properties, fits well to the body and does not flail even when pedaling at high speed. The Vento AM Hybrid Jacket also features technical details such as a stylish contrasting rear zippered pocket, full-length front zipper, and high draft collar, making it an ideal companion for any tour, including gravel and bike-to-climb routes. Price: €160.

VENTO AM Short Liner M/W

Salewa’s Vento Short Liner is a mountain-bike-specific undershort. This padded short liner is made from a Merino-Tencel blend fabric and open polyester mesh inserts-a combination that not only provides high comfort and breathability, but is also very durable thanks to the polyester inserts. The integrated pad is well cushioned and has an antibacterial finish. In addition, soft silicone hems ensure that the garment stays firmly in place, preventing annoying chafing and friction. Price: €90.

Wind AM HZ T-shirt W

The lightweight and breathable women’s Vento T-shirt has an athletic cut and specific details designed specifically for cycling: the longer hem ensures a comfortable fit, while the short front zipper improves breathability and the two flat pockets on the lower back allow for convenient storage of small items. This fitted T-shirt with bodymapping structure is made of AlpineWool, which combines Merino wool from alpine sheep and Tencel Lyocell, a material made from wood fibers produced by environmentally sustainable processing. Both types of fiber possess natural anti-odor properties, offer excellent moisture management, and provide optimal thermoregulation, providing warmth when it is very cold, while at the same time cooling the body when doing strenuous activity. To make the garment even more durable and hard-wearing, Durastretch softshell inserts have been added at the points most prone to friction, such as the shoulders and back. The Colour Blocking pattern knows how to stand out, and is enhanced by coral red details that reflect the light from the headlights in dark conditions. Price: €120.

The Vento capsule collection is available now exclusively at selected Salewa Stores and on the Salewa website.

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