SCARPA: production departments redesigned for phase 2

SCARPA: production departments redesigned for phase 2

The company from Asolo has resumed the activity with an anti-accounting protocol and a new layout of the workstations

SCARPA, a leading Italian company in the production of mountain and outdoor footwear, has resumed normal operations at its headquarters in Asolo since the beginning of this week, after having developed a strict anti-accounting protocol to protect the health of its employees.

The company from Veneto, which in March was among the first to decide to stop the plants, has prepared to restart in complete safety through a series of measures that have revolutionized the company’s spaces and times, starting from the arrival of the workers. In fact, differentiated routes were prepared for the different sectors – production, warehouses and offices – with decontamination mats and sanitizing gel in all accesses. Special check-points with thermographic cameras also make it possible to automatically measure the temperature of the employees.

In order to further reduce the number of contacts, entry and exit times have been staggered, with time intervals of 20 minutes at shift changes. In any case, all activities that can be carried out remotely, in particular those in the offices, remain in smartworking mode.
Inside the production departments, SCARPA has revised the layout of the workstations with a series of interventions such as the installation of plexiglass panels, the lengthening of the climbing handrails by 6 metres and the repositioning of the brushing and grinding machines, in order to guarantee the respect of safety distances everywhere.
The company also provides employees with personal protective equipment (masks and gloves) on a daily basis, and regularly cleans and sanitizes all environments. Finally, a specific procedure has been set up in the event that an employee experiences suspicious symptoms, in order to help him/her and safeguard the health of other employees.


“For some time our brand has represented an example of excellence in the production of technical footwear for the mountains; now we want to be an example of excellence in protecting the health of our workers, ensuring that everyone can resume work in peace,” says Diego Bolzonello, CEO of SCARPA. “This first week has been encouraging and the credit goes to our team, which has shown great willingness to abide by the rules and worked together to ensure that everything worked as well as possible. This reorganization is forcing us to look at things in a new light: we are learning lessons that I believe we will also need in the future, when the health emergency is resolved”.