Test: ON Cloudtrax

Test: ON Cloudtrax

The running expertise applied to walking

ON Cloudtrax

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Grip, protection and comfort are the three main features around which the new Cloudtrax of Swiss brand On has been built. The strength of this shoe is in fact the combination of a surprising aesthetic with On Running technologies: the foot is wrapped and supported by a tapered shoe with a modern style, which therefore is configured as very versatile and also suitable for non-outdoor contexts. Noteworthy is the fact that this is an eco-conscious product, the upper contains recycled polyester and we have found that both water repellency and breathability are not affected in the least, quite the contrary. The combination of breathable mesh and water repellent protective fabric of the upper guarantees comfort and freshness in all climatic situations and even after a long walk the foot is able to breathe. Also because the kilometers that can be covered with these shoes are many: the double-layer midsole and the Missiongrip sole create a spectacular synergy in terms of cushioning. The Cloudtrax is in fact a new generation walking shoe, but it has been designed to withstand challenging situations and terrains thanks to the Cloud- Tec and Speedboard technologies, which maximize the propulsion of each step and make the shoe safe even for off road terrains: the midsole is resistant, it guarantees stability and precision while the soft elements cushion your run or walk.

We Like: Fast like a running shoe, tough like a hiking shoe

Uso: Hiking, Trekking

Sole: Missiongrip
Upper: Recycled polyester
Price: € 199,95


Comfort 0
Stability 0
Grip 0
Breathability 0
Waterproofness 0


Mud 0
Rock 0
Wet 0
Grass 0

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