Test: Uyn Crossover Second Layer

Test: Uyn Crossover Second Layer

A perfectly adaptable and breathable second skin

Uyn Crossover Second Layer

Price: € 139,00

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Getting dressed to go to the mountains is a bit like following a recipe: you can be creative, but the final result will depend on the quality of the ingredients and above all on the way you combine them. As a second layer, Uyn’s Crossover is objectively a good choice. To begin with, it has very few seams and this not only ensures that it fits the body perfectly, but also that it has few points of friction, which you particularly appreciate when climbing or doing treks. The areas of the chest and back, which are the most delicate from the point of view of sweating, always remain dry thanks to the Coolvent technology that absorbs sweat quickly and effectively, leaving the skin pleasantly fresh. In any case, the 3D knitted fabric is light to the touch and also to wear and, on the hips and lower back, there are inserts of even lighter fabric. As for mobility, whatever activity you want to do in the mountains will be maximum thanks to the Ergomotion system in which both the sleeves and the shoulder area are made. This innovative design allows for incredible mobility of the arms because it follows the natural curvature of the shoulder. The model is completed by the hood, which is light, extremely stretch, breathable and with few seams, the central half-zip with a practical slider cover, and two side pockets with zip closure made in such a way that they can be easily opened even with the backpack tied at the waist. And this is significantly noteworthy for us.

We Like: Freedom of movement without friction points

Uso: Hiking – Trekking – Mountaineering

Material: Tessuto 3D knitted
Lining: 63% Polyamide + 30% Polyester + 4% Elastane + 3% Polypropylene
Gr: 322
Price: € 139,00