BAM! The European Gathering of Bikepackers back to Mantua

BAM! The European Gathering of Bikepackers back to Mantua

BAM Europe, Europe’s largest gathering of bicycle travelers, makes its return to Mantua June 9-11.

The highly anticipated ninth edition promises to exceed all expectations, offering a packed program of meetings, workshops, music and lots of fun for bikepacking enthusiasts. BAM! is an event that focuses on the core values of the bicycle tourism and sustainable travel community. There are no competitions and no prizes-the journey and the sharing of experiences are the destination.

BAM! Over the years, it has become a true cultural reference point for those who experience cycling not only as a sport, but as a lifestyle and travel philosophy. During the event, cyclists from all corners of Europe gather in Mantua to ride, explore and share their stories. BAM! has been able to inspire thousands of people to embark on adventures on two wheels, promoting a sustainable lifestyle and their philosophy, “get there by bike.” In 2022, participants traveled a total of more than 200,000 kilometers to reach Mantua.

The program of the BAM! 2023 offers more than 30 events, including meetings with great travelers, workshops, music and more. Among these extraordinary talents will be Nelson Trees, known for his cycling adventures through Kyrgyzstan, and Stefan Amato, who will lead an engaging workshop focusing on creativity in cycling. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to hear about the experiences of the Montanus storytelling and video making team, ultra cyclist Sofiane Sehili, Ilaria Fiorillo, Willy Mulonia with his incredible adventures in Alaska, Lorenzo Barone, Dino Lanzaretti, Monica Nanetti, Francesco Nguyen and Francesco Bonvecchio, an expert in map drawing. But surprises do not end there! The event will also host Frank Lotta, the famous voice of Radio Deejay, who will share his passion for bicycle travel. And let’s not forget the three guys from the ThisAvventura group, starring in a fun bike ride through Italy on pretty “graziella” bicycles. In addition, BAM! will welcome Alessandra Cappellotto, accompanied by two brave Afghan women cyclists who were rescued from the Taliban regime thanks to her Road to Equality association. This represents an extraordinary example of how bicycling can not only save lives but also promote equality.

BAM! is not only an event for cycling experts, it also offers tastings, mechanics classes, yoga sessions, cooking on the go, pedaling and games for all participants.

The event is completely free and registration is open, as are reservations for camping. For more information and to register, visit the
the official website of BAM!

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