Hervé Barmasse: Alpine resilience and prospects for the peaks of the future

The mountaineer, heir to Bonatti and Messner, shares a profound and heartfelt reflection on what is best for the future of our peaks: no criticisms, but solutions.

Karhu: discovering the finnish bear

In the country with the lowest population density in the European Union and the highest percentage of wooded area, a brand was born at the beginning of the 1900s with a single purpose: making people go running.

Kristin Harila, a realist utopist

Kristin Harila is a utopian realist who challenges gender stereotypes in mountaineering. With blue eyes, blond dreads and a wonderful smile, she has earned her place in the mountain world despite the challenges of machismo and sexism. Originally from Norway, Kristin has taken on numerous adventures, climbing world-class mountains and trying to chan

Nadir Maguet, the FKT’s Magician

Originally from Torgnon, Aosta Valley, Nadir Maguet is an athlete of Centro Sportivo Esercito. Last summer he established three new FKTs on three symbolic mountains of the Alps: Piz Bernina (via Biancograt, 2:44:13), Ortles (via Hintergrat, 1:43:12) and Grossglockner (via Stüdlgrat, 1:30:23). It is Nadir, the Magician, who tells us the background

On Our Way: sustainable exploration to the Arctic Circle

The journey of Lorenzo Alesi, professional skier, athlete and photographer, and Alice Linari, skier and explorer, from the heart of Europe to the Arctic Circle, would like to show that travelling and exploring with minimal carbon footprint is possible and to inspire others to take action to protect our planet.

A first ski descent in Pakistan’s Swat valley

Without too much information about the route or mountain conditions, a team of skiers ventures on a skiing expedition to the mountains of Pakistan, specifically to Falak Sar, the highest peak in the Ushu Valley.

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