Doo Sar: A Karakoram Ski Expedition

Two friends, two great mountains and two ski descents: this is the basic recipe of Doo Sar, which is then improved with all the (spicy) ingredients that the two Polish mountaineers encounter along their journey.

Nenets’ Lesson

For him, photography was initially a kind of therapy, then it became a passion and now it’s a need. The last border that photography led him to cross is the one of the harsh-est Siberia, where he met the Nenet nomads.

The Pill Outdoor Journal 59

We are highly motivated to bring you The Pill Outdoor Journal 59, an issue full of sub-zero stories at high altitude. A volume about the relationship between family and nature, agonism and vulnerability, sea and mountain, AI and reality. 🌲❄️

Moncler, time and resilience

A building that survived through time and innovation and still amazes after sixty years; a brand that was born at high altitude that manages to feel at ease around the streets of Milan as it is at 2112m, and a man capable of getting back up from every fall and reaching his goals at any cost.

Fedchenko, the forgotten glacier

Glaciers tell us a lot about the past and, observing them carefully, allow us to predict the future: for this reason it is so important to study them. With this desire for knowledge, Cédric Gras and Matthieu Tordeur went to Tajikistan, on the Pamir Mountains, to explore Fenchenko, the forgotten glacier.

Yannick Boissenot, when alpine skiing meets paragliding

Yannick was not satisfied with being both a skiing star and an excellent photographer and filmmaker: he had to take up paragliding.

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