The North Face Climb Festival Mind The Drop where the world’s best climbers compete in London

Stabio, Switzerland, June 13, 2024 – The North Face celebrates climbing with the first edition of The North Face Climb Festival in London. Some of the world’s best climbers will compete in the Deep Water Solo, tackling a 16-meter-high wall with only the water of Canary Wharf Dock to cushion their falls.

After debuting in Chicago last year, The North Face Climb Festival goes global with editions in Shanghai, London and New York. These events offer climbing champions an opportunity to test their skills and inspire the climbing community to get on the wall.

Activities and Workshops

The festival, held on Canary Wharf’s South Pier, features climbing workshops taught by The North Face team athletes, including Caroline Ciavaldini, James Pearson and Solenne Piret. The program includes talks with athletes, including renowned champion Alex Honnold, a workshop on circularity and a live dyno competition, providing fun and learning for all participants.

Music and Entertainment

In addition to climbing activities, the festival offers DJ sets by some of London’s brightest young artists, including Ross From Friends, Laurence Guy, NiNE8 Collective, Anu and JJESS. These artists will bring their unique style of music, creating an engaging atmosphere for the entire community.

Event Details.

The North Face Climb Festival will be held July 12 and 13 in Canary Wharf, London. Tickets are free upon registration, while members of the brand’s fidelity program, XPLR pass, will have a chance to win VIP tickets for the weekend and receive an exclusive commemorative festival T-shirt.

The North Face continues to promote the spirit of adventure and passion for climbing by offering events that combine sport, community and entertainment.

The full event schedule, times and how to participate in the Climb Festival, are available by clicking here!

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