LaMunt: A story of women, mountains and Me-Time

LaMunt: A story of women, mountains and Me-Time

A story of women, mountains and Me-Time. The mountain according to the LaMunt Crew, a group of women who guide LaMunt’s collections from the real needs of the female body at altitude

The name LaMunt, strong and feminine, means “mountain” in Ladino, the original language of Alta Badia. With a promise to upend the standards of technical mountain clothing, today LaMunt is a premium mountain sports brand that encourages women to experience the mountains actively, authentically and freely. The brand meets the needs of both those who like to challenge their limits and those who explore the mountains slowly.

By Women for Women

By women for women is not just a claim for LaMunt. It means giving voice to the needs of mountain lovers, making dialogue and exchange of opinions the basic pillars of the brand’s DNA. Thus was born the Crew, an all-female community that has followed LaMunt from its earliest steps and contributed to the growth and improvement of the brand. Crew members, including opinion leaders, businesswomen, journalists and sportswomen, are Italian, German, Swiss and great mountain enthusiasts. This diverse mix of top voices has enabled the brand to gain credibility and authenticity by developing innovative product solutions to make women feel completely comfortable while experiencing the mountains.

Mountain Me-Time

The Mountain Me-Time is different for each of the Crew members, and their interpretation of the mountain can be an inspiration to other women. Therefore, LaMunt decided to tell their stories in a series of video episodes dedicated to each of them. Episodes show striking views, nature walks and personal moments, revealing stories and the many ways in which mountains are woven into everyday life.

Tiziana Story

“When the mountain is the first thing you see when you open the door, ever since you can remember it, it is inevitable to establish a unique and special relationship with it. At the summit I can really value the path, more than the destination.”

Tiziana, glaciologist

Watch at episode 1

Lisa & Dagmar Story

“Our Mountain Me-Time stands for quality time, pushing yourself beyond your limits and disconnecting from everyday life. Taking moments to enjoy the silence, the view and more generally the here and now, finding serenity and wholeness.”

Lisa, full time traveler & Dagmar, PR

Watch episode 2

Anna Story

“The mountains are a place for sharing the sense of freedom there. Encouraging each other and pushing one another’s limits in a beautiful natural environment is rejuvenating. The bonds created in the mountains are hard to loosen.”

Anna, founder of NANACOM agency

Watch episode 3

In summary, LaMunt not only offers high-quality technical apparel, but also creates an authentic and meaningful connection with women who love the mountains, celebrating their strength, femininity, and passion for the outdoors.

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