Yannick Boissenot, in search of snow and steepness

There are people who are good at some things and those who excel at many, and Yannick Boissenot is one of them! His ability to be an excellent athlete, but also an excellent photographer and cameraman, even in situations of great steepness and high risk, has taken him to the top of the world's most famous mountains.

Life in White: in search of eternal winter

They are Laura and Gabriel, a Spanish couple living between Austria and Chile, who also spend a few months a year in Japan. Every year their aim is to experience an "endless winter".

Jussi Oksanen: from professional snowboarder to photographer!

"La vita poi è fatta di incontri e coincidenze, e capita, mentre visioni uno shooting per Alba Optics, di scoprire che il fotografo è proprio lui."

Marion Haerty wins Freeride World Tour for the fourth time

Marion Haerty is the first freerider to win the Freeride World Tour four times.  "The game has changed." Four titles. An achievement never seen before!

The Winter Room, a The Pill Outfit Selection

"The Winter Room" is an exclusive selection from our The Pill Magazine 42, to satisfy the most passionate product fans. These are our picks for this winter, which thankfully isn't over yet!

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