Elio Fumagalli, the art of snowboarding

Elio Fumagalli talks about himself, his experience at Davos Snowboard School, and how for him the art of snowboarding is an experience that unites whole communities

Annti Autti, a sliver of light in the darkness

Annti Autti tells us how her passion for snowboarding and the Arctic Circle can become a glimmer of light in anyone's life. Even those who live on the other side of the world and will probably never have the chance to visit it

What’s up Severin?

Severin Van Der Meer tells The Pill about his future and current plans and also what it is like to be the newcomer to the Vans Snowboard team

Back to crave

The craving in snowboarding is back. Nicholas Wolken, founder of Korua Shapes, tells The Pill his perspective and why he, too, fell in love with the practice

LAAX OPEN 2023: “first times” making history

It's more than an event, it's an icon. 300 of the world's best snowboard and freeski athletes...and the weather. The story of an edition full of first times that, while challenging athletes and staff, made history.

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