Signed the sponsorship agreement of the Skyrunner Italy Series 2024, the circuit of which 3 iconic races in the Italian skyrunning scene are part. The first date is for June 8, 2024 with the Lovato Centennial Trail in the Orobie Mountains!

Millet confirms its vertical DNA and commitment to the world of skyrunning by signing an agreement with the ISF, the International Skyrunning Federation. Therefore, the brand will be the main sponsor of the Skyrunner Italy Series 2024. This circuit includes three iconic skyrunning races that will kick off on June 8, 2024 with the Lovato Centennial Trail in the Orobie Mountains near Bergamo.

The race, 23 km long with a positive elevation gain of 1,417 meters, will take place on ridges with the possibility of snow at the highest points due to recent rainfall. About 600 athletes will be at the start, including top runners such as William Boffelli, Mattia Tanara, Gabriele Gaggero, Elisa Pallini and Daniela Rota.

Next, the second race of the MILLET Skyrunner Italy Series 2024 will be the International Rosetta SkyRace, scheduled for Sept. 1. Finally, the circuit will conclude with the Zacup SkyRace del Grignone on September 15. In summary, these races represent an important opportunity for Millet to demonstrate its ongoing commitment and passion for skyrunning, helping to enhance the sport and support the athletes who participate in it.

What are the benefits for those who will participate in the MILLET Skyrunner Italy Series 2024?

Benefits for those who participate in the MILLET Skyrunner Italy Series 2024 include the possibility of qualifying for the SkyMasters of the Skyrunner World Series for those who finish on the podium in the final standings, as well as podium finishers in a race selected by FISky, the Italian Skyrunning Federation.

High-level competition is guaranteed as some of the world’s best runners will line up for the event, which is also on the Skyrunner World Series calendar. The International Skyrunning Federation will award a prize of €1,000 divided between the male and female winners of the series.

“Millet is a brand that over more than 100 years has written the history of mountaineering, and skyrunning represents our natural evolution…. Today, the brand has achieved a notoriety and recognition from runners that confirms how our collaboration with athletes on product development, investments in technology, innovation and sustainability do not place limits on us in other specialties. With this sponsorship, we want to continue to equip and inspire the world of runners and all mountain practitioners in the conquest of the unknown, in that quest that transforms emptiness into fullness.”

Hervè Locatelli, Millet Sales and Marketing Director for Southern Europe and DACH

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