Ferrino Tent Set

Ferrino Tent Set

By Silvia Galliani

What is Tent Set?
Tent Set is an innovative modular system that provides, through the help of a configurator, to compose your own customized tent in 6 simple steps. The main advantage is being able to create a first configuration of a tent suitable for the use that you want to do and then, eventually in subsequent stages, add accessories or components to realize the perfect tent fully adaptable to any condition or simply to change its use without having to purchase a new one. So, for example, a summer tent can become a winter tent and so on.

Where does the idea of this project come from?
The project combines two precise needs. The first is to innovate in the tent world especially on the occasion of Ferrino’s 150th anniversary. Tents are part of our DNA and are the products thanks to which we are recognized worldwide.
We’ve been inspired by two main reasons. On the one hand customization, as today more and more people want to be able to give a personal touch to what they buy. On the other hand, we wanted to completely change the buying experience. We have therefore created a very digital experience, thanks to which every customer can compose his own tent and personalize it using a configurator. With these topics in mind, we worked on the project and actually managed to complete the Tent Set.

What target is this product aimed at?
The product target is very broad and transversal. We really want to appeal to all outdoor enthusiasts, to all those who love to travel with low environmental impact and sleep in tents under the stars. In fact, thanks to the Tent Set system, there’s no more need to purchase many products. Simply thanks to some components you can have the perfect tent for any type of adventure.

Ferrino is a leading brand in tents, backpacks and sleeping bags. With this project you’re sending a strong message to mountain lovers. Above all in terms of product versatility and environmental sustainability.
We wanted to approach the project from an eco design point of view. It is a concept that has fascinated us and we have been working on this issue since the beginning. In fact, Tent Set allows you to combine several tents into one, reducing resource consumption, material waste and general garbage produced.
Ferrino has always had the theme of sustainability at heart and thanks to Tent Set there will be no need to buy an entire tent for a certain type of use, but only components, leading to a decidedly reduced environmental impact.
An ode to efficiency, which reflects the fundamental value of our company policy, offering its customers a product that lasts over time.

How will the tent setting work? How many steps there are?
The shopping experience with a configurator includes 6 steps, all very simple and intuitive, also thanks to the guided tour. The first choice must be made based on the number of people that are going to occupy the tent, then 2 or 3 people. Then you have to choose the type of inner tent that can be designed for warm climates, therefore more aerated and with more mosquito nets, or more insulated for a all year round or winter use. Then there is the choice of the type of poles depending on the performance and the lightness that you’re looking for.
We offer fiberglass poles or other lighter and high-performance aluminum alloy ones. The fourth step concerns the various types of flysheets, ranging from lightweight sheets designed specifically for hot climates to others more suitable for cold temperatures thanks to their insulating capabilities. We then move on to the world of accessories, the project has a truly wide choice that can complete the camping experience. We also have different types of pegs suitable for all conditions.

The sixth and final step is customization. Thanks to the online configurator it is in fact possible to personalize your own flysheet with logos, graphics or quotes to remember an unforgettable experience through your tent or use it as an original gift.


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