Outdoor Christmas: Fjällräven’s gift proposals

Outdoor Christmas: Fjällräven’s gift proposals

How to choose the perfect gift to put under the Christmas tree? Fjällräven has no doubts: the most important thing is to have a valid pretext to step outside the house!
Dedicated to all lovers of outdoor activities, here is the guide to outdoor gifts to celebrate Christmas in a slightly more special way than usual.

Greenland Re-Wool Jacket

This special edition winter jacket is made of a fantastic recycled wool fabric, with a fleece lining and reinforcements in G-1000 Eco, for a touch of warmth and extra durability. The style is iconic and timeless, characterized by classic Greenland pockets and the equally classic hood, ready to protect from the autumn rains. A new winter garment to love, with all the strength and comfort of wool.

Övik Knit Sweater

Comfortable crewneck sweater in soft wool, ideal for both everyday use and outdoor activities. A beautiful fancy garment that embodies excellent functionality: in fact, wool is one of the few fibers able to keep the body warm even when wet.

Keb Touring Jacket

Keb Touring Jacket is a technical softshell jacket for low-temperature adventures in remote areas. Made of durable stretch fabric, it offers superior freedom of movement and allows body moisture to breathe while protecting against cold winds and light rainfall. It is ideal for winter hiking, ski mountaineering and other demanding alpine activities.

Re-Wool Hat

Ribbed cap with folded edge in recycled wool. The perfect ally for outings on cold days, easy to fold into your pocket when not worn. Available in: Gray, Chalk White, Acorn, Dark Navy, Olive.

Re-Wool Scarf

Ribbed scarf in recycled wool. Ensures comfort and warmth on cold winter days. Available in: Dahlia, Dark Navy, Thunder Grey.

Norrvåge Foldsack e Norrvåge Briefpack

The new Norrvåge line is made from recycled wool and features leather details in neutral tones. Norrvåge Foldsack and Norrvåge Briefpack come with a laptop pocket that makes them ideal companions for the journey to and from work. Available in: Gray, Brown.