Gore Wear, tailor-made workout clothes for you

Gore Wear, tailor-made workout clothes for you

Faster, further, fitter: although most races have been cancelled, this does not prevent runners from setting goals and adapting their training plans accordingly.

Intensive training can be done both indoors and outdoors, in a myriad of ways. If you use a treadmill, a step, if you run outdoors, alone or with a virtual group, in addition to willpower, fitness and endurance it is important to have the right running equipment to achieve your goals.


With the R5 and R3 collections, you’ll be ready to tackle any sporting challenge, especially when you need to combine intense training sessions at home with a training program designed for the outdoors, in all weather conditions and with variable distances. Garments for any running workout: the R5 jersey and 2in1 R5 shorts.

The Gore R5 shirt offers maximum comfort during any running session. A clever mix of different polyesters allows for an extremely comfortable material on the skin, which dries easily to give you maximum freedom of movement.

The 2in1 R5 shorts for men and women are perfect to wear during longer training sessions. The highly breathable fabric allows sweat to escape, keeping the skin dry and preventing heat from forming between the skin and the garment.
For outdoor training, even in bad weather, the R3 Gore-Tex Infinium Partial jacket is the perfect garment for outdoor athletes. In addition to being lightweight and comfortable to wear, the jacket is also windproof and highly breathable, to help you maintain a constant body temperature throughout the race.