Important News for Aku Italia

Important News for Aku Italia

Aku, an Italian industrial company with artisan origin, lays the foundations for a future development on international markets. Aku production organization, a Montebelluna company, specialized for over 40 years in the design and manufacture of high quality outdoor footwear, has expanded with the acquisition of a new production plant in Serbia.

The new structure of over 5,000 square meters has been in operation since 2000 and will be dedicated to the production of travel lifestyle models of the Mountain Inspired line. This need to expand stems from the desire to respond to the growing demand for high quality products made in Europe on various markets and distribution channels.

“The recent award of the tender for the supply to the British army of a model of combat footwear, along with the development prospects in North America with the introduction of the brand in the REI chain and on the European territory, with the initials of an agreement with a new distributor for the French market, they pushed the company to invest in the production potential, with the aim of guaranteeing the traditional quality of the product and efficiency in the service “declared Paolo Bordin, managing director of AKU.

With the recent victory of the supply contract for the British army, which saw Aku compete among over 40 participants, a 5-year agreement is stipulated that places it among the world leaders in this sector, bringing important production volumes concentrated on two models made in Europe. Moreover, new prospects for growth are opening up for Aku, especially on the French market,

thanks to the agreement with the specialized distributor Sunset, which aims to position Aku among the leading brands in the outdoor technical and travel sector. Important news also come from overseas where Rei, the American outdoor giant, opens its doors to Aku thanks to the “best fit” obtained from the Alterra GTX model and the management policy put in place by the company to know and limit the environmental impact of its production activity.