LaMunt organizes Milan Urban Trekking

LaMunt organizes Milan Urban Trekking

The premium brand created by women and for women, LaMunt, takes Milanese adventure lovers on a women’s trek through urban nature, contemporary art, and redevelopment projects!

A beautiful June morning, top-quality outfits and a Milan like we’ve never seen before: after the first route through medieval Milan, the second edition of the Milan Urban Trekking accompanied a group of adventure-loving women on a journey to discover the changing city, from history to redevelopment, through urban nature, architecture and contemporary art site-specific.

Created by women and for women: LaMunt

LaMunt is a premium outdoor brand with a mission to make women feel comfortable during their adventures. With cores such as soul trekking and fitness hiking, it combines performance and functionality with afeminine aesthetic that indulges the silhouette without falling into “pink” stereotypes and with a keen eye on quality and sustainability of materials and production.

The goal of the urban walk is to demonstrate that the “exploratory” approach that has always characterized mountain trekking or hiking can also be brought to the city, as can LaMunt‘s versatile, high-performance collections for all outdoor activities. Each with her own branded outfit, designed based on each one’s own body shape and style, women in the press and influencers took a break from the hustle and bustle of the city to look at “our” Milan with different eyes: those of the explorer.

The route of the Milan Urban Trekking

Starting point Peace Arch, in historic Simplon Square, and then move on to some of the historic streets of postwar reconstruction, such as via San Giorgio, Vincenzo Monti and Ippolito Nievo, arriving at the fountain of Julius Caesar Square and delving into one of the most ambitious redevelopment areas in Milan today, City Life.

Between Hadid and Isozaki skyscrapers and contemporary open-air installations, a great example of natural design welcomed LaMunt trekkers to Portello Park. While the last stop could only be the views and history of Mount Stella and the Garden of the Righteous.

For a total of 8.5 km walked and 330 m of elevation gain, LaMunt brought a little bit of the mountains to the city, allowing those who live Milan every day to forget, for a few hours, that they are in a big metropolis!

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