Mizuno Wave Skyrise

Mizuno Wave Skyrise

The new Mizuno model for a “floating” ride


Wave technology has for years been one of the workhorses of Mizuno, Japanese brand leader in the production of footwear and sportswear. For spring/summer 2020 the company has applied the revolutionary FoamWave technology, until last season exclusive to Wave Sky 3, to many other models in the collection. Among these, the brand new Wave Skyrise which, as a whole, represents an absolute novelty.

The Mizuno Wave Skyrise is a “floating” model like water, ideal for runners who require maximum cushioning. Comfort is not just about fit and cushioning, it is not just about control of pronation or stability, it must also become a tool that will allow you to run more effectively while protecting you from injury.

– Yurri Mial, Sr. Footwear Design Manager of Under Armour

The new FoamWave features an XPOP foam midsole to replace part of the Wave plate. XPOP is composed of TPU + PU, an innovative compound that offers a better cushioning during the support phase and a higher rebound power during the pushing phase. The midsole compound mix, positioned in the heel area of the shoe, offers superior performance in terms of stability and cushioning thanks to a triple density (XPOP, U4icX, U4ic) and Wave design, which helps to disperse the impact along the entire axis of the foot.

Mizuno’s new neutral model features an ultra-breathable mesh upper with integrated tongue, elasticated laces, solid rubber outsole – and therefore more resistant – to replace the blown outsole, which previously served to make the shoe softer, a function that is now no longer necessary because it is the competence of the new FoamWave.

The perfect harmony between the super soft feel and the high energy return offers a running experience with superior comfort never experienced before. The new Mizuno Wave Skyrise is therefore perfect for those who travel long distances and who want a floating sensation and incredible cushioning underfoot while running.