New Balance Fresh Foam More Trail v3

New Balance Fresh Foam More Trail v3

This March we tested the new New Balance Fresh Foam More Trail in the third version. A maximalist shoe dedicated to mountains and long distances. It weighs 315 grams in size 43 and has an offset of 45mm at the heel and 40 at the forefoot, for a 5mm drop. The upper is made from an engineered mesh and is reinforced at the toe box and throughout the bottom of the shoe by a plastic applique that protects the toes. Traditional lacing, padded tongue, very comfortable and easily adjustable laces. The back (collar, shell, heel) is stable but does not have a rigid internal structure, allowing the shoe to flex and accommodate the movement of the foot. The fit is snug across the entire plant, including the forefoot. Overall, the upper has everything you would expect from a neutral, stable shoe: comfort, protection, and support.
The midsole is the most characteristic part of these shoes. The compound uses the typical New Balance Fresh Foam, which is softer than the previous version while gaining in responsiveness. This new compound is interesting because it makes the transition smoother and improves stability, in fact it uses a foam with two different densities for the top and bottom, but without using glues. This means that the midsole is a single piece of foam, without cuts, but with different density points, soft on top and more stable underneath, emphasized by the dual coloring. As far as we can tell, the feel at the ride is of a definitely cushioned compound that does not compress too much and gains in support over the previous version.

The tread uses a five-piece Vibram XT Trek EVO outsole. The main feature is that the tread pattern is very pronounced, the tread blocks are so deep and have a very large surface area giving it good traction even in mountains and technical terrain. To lighten it in weight and reduce the stiffness of the shoe, the sole leaves much midsole uncovered. However, less than the previous version and protecting the middle more. This adjustment in design will lengthen the life of the shoe and decrease wear on the bottom.

Who is it suitable for? To neutral runners who seek protection and want a shoe to run anywhere. The sole has lots of grip but the height of the shoe reduces the sensitivity with the ground. It works very well on the runway and for long distances. In short, we believe that runners who like to have substance underfoot can love it on all terrains.

See you on the trails.

New Balance

Fresh Foam More Trail v3

Trail Running



Forefoot height:

Drop: 5mm (stated)




Cushioning 0
Reactivity 0
Stability 0
Flexibility 0
Traction 0

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