Once again the ultrarunner Jovica Spajic with Crazy

Once again the ultrarunner Jovica Spajic with Crazy

Jovica Spajic is ready to take on new challenges in the 2023 season with Crazy’s support.

After triumphing at Bigfoot last year, the Serbian athlete is set to experience his next adventures wearing technical garments from the Valtellina company.

Throughout his career, Jovica, born in 1987, has taken on the toughest challenges of the ultra trail, proving to be a true champion of endurance. Growing up in the mountains of Serbia, he developed a strong connection with nature and a determined character. His multidisciplinary education, with a law degree, has given him a strategic vision that he applies in all his competitions. Since his debut in 2012 at the Sahara Race, a 250-kilometer race with participants from around the world, Jovica has shown his determination by finishing in 17th place overall. Since that time, he has carefully chosen the competitions in which to participate, with the goal of outdoing himself in each competition. Despite the challenges of daily life, such as being the father of a small child, Jovica attaches great importance to family. His wife is also an ultra runner and mutual support is critical to balance workouts, nutrition and sleep. This balance is essential to cope with competitions to the best of her ability. Another key aspect in Jovica’s life is freedom. Since he does not have large sponsorships or contracts, he has the freedom to choose the competitions in which to participate and prepare as he sees fit. This freedom led him to work with the Crazy company, which welcomed him as a member of the family, providing him with the best technical clothing without putting pressure on the end result.

Jovica has great respect for Italy and Italian trail running enthusiasts. He loves our mountains, especially the magical Aosta Valley. His future goal is to participate in the Tor de Geants in 2024, enjoying every moment of that exciting adventure.

One of his most recent successes was the Bigfoot 200 Endurance Run, an extreme ultra trail race held in Washington state in September 2022. Covering some 338 kilometers (338 miles) through the Cascade Mountains, Jovica took the victory in a time of 56 hours, 52 minutes and 3 seconds, demonstrating total control of her body and great determination. In September, Jovica will participate in the UTMB PLT, a 300-kilometer challenge with 25,000 meters of elevation gain around Mont Blanc. This ultra-endurance adventure, tackled as a team, will test the participants’ limits. Jovica will live this incredible experience together with Micheal McKnight, representing the Crazy company in Italy.

The right clothing plays a key role in tackling races of this magnitude. For Jovica, fit and quality of materials are the most important factors. Crazy succeeds in combining the best materials available with an athletic, regular cut, placing pockets strategically for convenience. Every race is unique and requires proper preparation, and Crazy’s products are perfectly balanced to meet every eventuality.

Jovica Spajic is an example of determination, commitment and passion for the outdoors. His extraordinary career and sporting achievements inspire anyone with the will to go beyond their limits. Keep following Jovica Spajic and Crazy to keep up to date with his breathtaking adventures in the ultra trail world.

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