Once More by Vans Europe

Once More by Vans Europe

Vans Europe’s new video montage on skateboarding

On September 13, 2023, Vans Europe released a new film titled “Once More,” filmed and directed by Kostas Mandilas. Created by their Greek skateboard team, the video revolves around the concept of “repetition.” In the skateboarding world, repetition is key. “Once again” is the motto. Skaters return to explore new places. They return to try the same tricks hoping to succeed. They return for “one last try,” continuing to leave an imprint on the skateboard universe.

The video was shot over a period of one year, from September 2021 to September 2022. Featured cities are historic Athens and Thessaloniki, urban settings that highlight the Greek skateboard community even more. Protagonists of the filming were skaters: Alex Tsagalidis, Dennis Skamnas, Notis Aggelis, Tony Josephides, George Zavos, Asimina Manouskou, Dimitris Kaberis, Nikolas Konstantakis, Thanasis Arabouli, Thanos Panou.

Once More is available for viewing on the YouTube channel of Vans Europe.

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