Osprey celebrates 25 years of Women’s Fit

Osprey celebrates 25 years of Women’s Fit

The innovation of comfort and performance should never be associated with just one thought: a single measure for everyone.

That’s why Osprey has been increasing for 25 years its line of backpacks dedicated to the female world by meeting their needs with ergonomically designed backpacks and changing the characteristics in order to perfectly adapt to the female forms. Osprey’s female backpacks have a back designed specifically to provide an excellent fit for women, offering an incomparable level of comfort and support.

Here’s how:

1 – Tighter shoulders: the back is proportioned and designed with a variable thickness of the padding to create an anatomic fit for a woman’s neck, shoulders and chest.

2 – Ergonomically designed structure: the ergonomic structure is shaped to better wrap the sides of the body, creating a more feminine specific fit.

3 – Reduced backrest’s length: the backpack has been designed to be shorter, narrower and with greater depth in the right places to allow greater freedom of movement and stability.

4 – Specific belt: all the belts are shaped at the waist to better wrap the shape of the female sides, for optimal support. The belt is narrower in height, so as not to bother on the ribs or the upper part of the thighs.


Tempest, the most iconic backpack of the hiking line, is built for maximum comfort and versatility during your day trips. The superlative back of the Tempest offers a specific fit for women, with waist band, frame, collar and back, ergonomically designed.


With a solid tradition behind it, the new Kyte, specific for women is a robust backpack with high performance. Kyte has a fit optimized for women, which means being able to carry heavy loads without compromising comfort. Crossing alpine paths, dense forests or winding paths, on your shoulders you will always have the reference point for the backpacking category.


When it comes to “staying hydrated” the Kitsuma female version is the perfect backpack! The integrated tank, along with a superb comfort, will allow you to exceed your limits.


The famous travel backpack Fairview, with a specific fit for women is the perfect travel companion. It combines the advantages of a real backpack with the ease of transport and the versatility of a suitcase. Fairview was built to be exceptionally comfortable, with a feminine fit and an optimized design.


Raven is the cycling backpack with a specific feminine fit with a hydration tank that will help you ride longer and faster. Designed to bring equipment and water, these backpacks are perfect for the most demanding mountain bikers.