Running in the city: the new collection from CMP

Running in the city: the new collection from CMP

New spring/summer collection by CMP combines functionality, comfort and style for running through the city streets

Running in the city is a great activity to keep fit and enjoy the outdoors. Enthusiasts of the sport do not stop even in the face of traffic and asphalt, but they need appropriate clothing to make training pleasant and comfortable. CMP’s new collection features garments and footwear specifically designed for the city to provide a safe, high-performance running experience.

T-shirts and pants feature an ergonomic design that facilitates freedom of movement while being breathable and lightweight, thanks to the use of technical fabrics and advanced technologies, such as Dry Function technology, which allows moisture to evaporate while allowing the skin to breathe and dry quickly, preventing overheating and excessive sweating. The shoes are designed to absorb impact by reducing stress on the joints and adapt to the urban surface, as well as the dirt you may encounter in parks. The women’s collection features Marco Olmo 2.0 WP, a high-performance fast hiking model, and the men’s collection features the versatile Naruko shoe, both of which feature fast lacing, which makes for a comfortable fit and simplifies unlacing. In windy weather, there is no shortage of lightweight, compact vests that protect the body and also prove effective in evening workouts, thanks to reflective details that increase visibility and safety. Rounding out the collection are accessories such as headbands and socks that complete the outfit by adding a touch of color and style.

To learn more, visit the CMP website.

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