Specialized and Fjällräven announce their on-bike storage solution

Specialized and Fjällräven announce their on-bike storage solution

The Great Nearby: a new range ready to help users enjoy exploring nature 

Specialized, a protagonist in the cycling scene, and Fjällräven, a protagonist for outdoor equipment, put their energies together to create The Great Nearby. The on-bike storage that meets technical apparel would be a way to encourage more people to explore beyond where tarmac ends.

Åke Nordin, dissatisfied with the hiking bags on offer at the time, founded Fjällräven in 1860 creating the first commercially made external framed backpack. From then on, the brand expanded further into the sphere of outdoor equipment. Now creating sleeping bags, jackets, trousers and the iconic backpack.

Specilized is famous for making high performing bikes and kit, with Fjällräven they share a similar ethos when it comes to appreciating what nature has to offer. As more people are living in towns and cities, and priorities are shifting towards improving mental and physical health, both Specialized and Fjällräven agree the world will benefit if more people can access the outdoors.

While the products are designed for adventure, the name of the collection, “The Great Nearby”, aims to show riders that nature and beautiful landscapes can be right on our doorsteps. Bikepacking trips that require months of planning and preparation can be daunting for some, but with the equipment on offer from Specialized and Fjällräven, the next adventure can be just around the corner.

The key product is the Cool Cave: a hard shell, injection-moulded pannier made from recycled PET plastic, which comes with a tote bag tapered to fit inside the pannier.

Not only bike storage, there’s also the technical apparel. A staple in Fjällräven’s usual range, the jacket has been optimised for on-bike comfort as part of the new collection, with waterproof materials at the rear and a dropped hem – all while still being suitable to wear off the bike too. The collection takes a similar approach to the merino t-shirts, bucket hats, scarves and socks that form part of The Great Nearby drop one. All are garments that can be worn casually.

Find out more on Specialized and Fjällräven websites.

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