Test: Alba Optics Delta Ultra II

Test: Alba Optics Delta Ultra II

Glasses for a wide peripheral vision that is always sharp and without any kind of distortion

Alba Optics Delta Ultra II

Price: € 199,00

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We tested for a long time the new Delta Ultra II, the 100% Made in Italy model by Alba Optics with an unmistakable “retromodern” look inspired by models from the 80s and 90s. Although the unique style immediately attracted our attention, we soon realized that the product is only “retro” in its look. Delta Ultra II is in fact made with the latest generation materials and technologies in order to meet the high quality standards required by modern athletes. The frame of only 13 grams is in bio-based nylon derived from the processing of castor oil with the addition of waste from the coffee roasting process. An experimental mix that offers the same protection against shocks and tractions, high resilience without deformation when exposed to high temperatures and organically compatible and safe for the skin, even after prolonged use. VZUM F-LENS PTC ventilated photochromic lenses have a pink base in low light conditions and they activate quickly, in just under 15 seconds with a category 3 blue multilayer mirror. The photochromic molecules are directly incorporated into the polymer mass for an excellent quality and durability. They are excellent to wear them all day and are best suited to any light condition offering high contrast and a perfect balance in the perception of colors. Using it in unconventional situations, they have always guaranteed optimal and prolonged visibility without fogging problems and protection from air. Ultimately we would like to recommend Delta Ultra II to those looking for glasses with a particular look but without sacrificing comfort and a perfect and always clear vision.

We Like: Its lightweight and photochromic lenses that allow it to adapt to any light condition

Use: Hiking – Trail Running

Material: Nylon bio-based frame + photochromic resin lenses
Gr 26
Price: € 199,00

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