Test: Fjällräven Keb Agile TRS

Test: Fjällräven Keb Agile TRS

All-round trousers ideal for summer trekking, resistant and lightweight

Fjällräven Keb Agile TRS

Price: € 219,95

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Agile, in name and in fact. Firstly, because, from spring to autumn, they cover all the summer months and their temperature range and then because the new Keb Agile trousers by Fjällräven can boast one of those combos that are the top in the mountains: low weight combined with high flexibility and guaranteed freedom movement. This is because the fabric with which they are made, in addition to being very resistant, is also double-weave stretch, which means that it protects the legs on the roughest terrains, but at the same time it is breathable and it dries quickly. The pockets and the knee area are in G-1000 Lite Eco Stretch, but the design is still minimal because the colors of the two different fabrics are tor sur ton. The fit is quite regular, they are not too tight, but not baggy and the 4 pockets are large enough and well distributed on the trousers to hold a phone, a pocket knife or a mini flashlight, we have judged them rather useful. One of the things we appreciate the most about many Fjällräven products is their eco-friendliness. In fact, the Swedish brand has in its DNA the attention to sustainability, which is expressed above all through the proposal of a design that is as timeless as possible: the more a garment or an accessory will have a minimal design and not tied to the trends of the moment, the longer will last over time. The search for materials also looks up at the environment. These trousers, like many other products of the brand, are made of G-1000, the ultra-resistant fabric patented and developed by Fjällräven. We have only tested them for a few days, but we have no doubts that they will last for years.

We Like: The minimal and timeless design of a super strong trekking trouser

Uso: Hiking – Trekking – Mountaineering

Material: Fjällräven G-1000
Gr: 414
Price: € 219,95

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