The new adjustable poles by Cober

The new adjustable poles by Cober

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For the current season, Cober introduces two new models of adjustable freeride poles.

Over the years Cober has earned a special reputation among freeride enthusiasts, thanks to innovative solutions dedicated to the discipline and the reliability of materials and technologies that can withstand the special stresses of off-piste skiing in powder. Models such as Xl, PowPow and Pyrus, the latter specifically dedicated to splitboard enthusiasts, have become a benchmark for the freerider community in the Alps.

For the 2023-24 winter season, the Italian brand is offering two new additions to its range of length-adjustable freeride poles, a feature particularly in demand for those enthusiasts who combine ascending with lifts and moving with skins in search of virgin slopes and channels.

Cober SubZero Adjustable Sticks

Cober SubZero

The season’s major new addition is SubZero, an innovative telescopic, robust and versatile freeride pole. Contrary to what is normally the case, it is the bottom tube that has the largest diameter, in this case an impressive 18mm made of Ergal 7075 aircraft aluminum, an alloy that offers the best ratio of weight to strength.

The result of this solution is that the stick is stronger where it is needed, that is, in the lower part that is most exposed to hits on rocks, trees, and ice. This also makes height adjustment easier, since the measurements are shown on the upper tube that slides inside the lower tube. SubZero is equipped with premium solutions such as the lightweight thermo-expanded rubber grip with easily adjustable quickstrap grommet, the unique CamLock closure developed by Cober’s R&D center, widia toe cap, and a 92mm powder wheel.

Adjustable length: 105-140cm
Tube: alu 7075 and 5083
Diameter: 16 and 18mm
Knob: thermo-expanding rubber
Handrail: quickstrap
Closure: CamLock
Tip: widia
Weight: 270g
Price: 69.90 euros

Cober Thunder adjustable sticks

Cober Thunder

Second new addition of the season is Thunder, which shares the technical features of PowPow, one of Cober’s most successful freeride poles.

Featuring the aggressive magenta color scheme and a long, comfortable foam grip that allows the handle to be moved during ascent and descent, Thunder is a telescoping freeride pole equipped with Cober’s exclusive CamLock closure and a 92-millimeter powder wheel also in magenta.

The 14mm and 16mm tubes are made from Ergal 7075 aircraft aluminum, an alloy that offers the best weight-to-strength ratio, and 5083 aluminum from recycled sources, respectively.

Adjustable length: 110-145cm
Tube: alu 7075 and 5083
Diameter: 16 and 14mm
Knob: long foam
Handrail: quickstrap
Closure: CamLock
Toe cap: steel
Weight: 270g
Price: 64.90

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