The new Avail Advanced by Liv Cycling

The new Avail Advanced by Liv Cycling

The new Avail, designed by Liv Cycling to withstand endurance tests, goes beyond expectations. The fifth generation Avail consists of two series designed for women endurance enthusiasts: the Avail Advanced and the Avail Advanced Pro. Both feature completely redesigned frame and fork to ensure an extremely smooth and efficient pedaling experience. Thanks to the innovative handlebar and seatpost, road vibrations are minimized, providing maximized control. The wheels have been upgraded with hookless technology and can accommodate wider tires, allowing them to tackle any type of road without limits.

Liv Avail Advanced and Advanced Pro

Efficiency and lightness. With its revolutionary carbon frame and fork, this model boosts your uphill performance and gives you absolute lightness over long distances.

Optimized pedaling with less fatigue. Redesigned frame and fork for smooth and efficient pedaling. The innovative handlebar and seatpost absorb road vibrations more than traditional solutions, without compromising cornering and climbing efficiency.

Maximum control. The handlebar offers an ergonomic design with an 8-degree flare, providing total control during your daily rides. The carbon rims, with hookless technology and increased size, are specially designed for high-volume tubeless tires, with a capacity of up to 38mm and a rim depth of 36mm. This ensures outstanding stability and handling on a variety of surfaces, from asphalt to cobblestones.

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