The new Primetime skis by Elan

The new Primetime skis by Elan

Elan unveils new “Primetime” ski collection, and carving has never been so much fun

Begunje, Slovenia, is home to.
. The sports brand, which has been creating handcrafted products in the Slovenian Alps for nearly 80 years, presents its revolutionary Primetime line. This is a collection of skis with an innovative design. The goal? Reigniting the passion for skiing on the slope.

The line has already received numerous prestigious international awards for innovative design, quality and performance. Consisting of eight models-four for men and four for women-it relies on cutting-edge carving technology that promises an even more fulfilling experience for winter sports enthusiasts.

“Elan invented carving, and with this know-how in mind, we thought it was time to take the carving ski category to a whole new level, making on-piste skiing more attractive and fun,” said Elan Product Manager David Primožič. “Inspired by on-piste skiing, by the speed of freshly groomed slopes, Primetime skis amplify the excitement and thrill of on-piste carving.”

Skiers have different preferences. Some like speed, others prefer carving and tight turns, and still others seek pure fun. The Primetime collection aims to offer a suitable model for each need. What it provides is more control while carving, regardless of the skier’s skill level.

Working the magic is Primetime’s PowerMatch technology, which adjusts and reinforces materials where needed. Supporting it is the exclusive Amphibio profile, which ensures precise transmission of power to the parts of the ski where it is needed most. This allows a smooth trajectory on various types of tracks. Strategic positioning of materials improves ski performance by providing excellent edge control.

PowerMatch technology is enhanced by Dual Density Woodcore, which uses a thicker profile and stronger materials along the inner edge of the ski. On the other hand, the outer edge features a thinner profile at the tip and tail, with lighter materials to ensure intuitive maneuverability, reduce the total weight of the ski, and provide easier skiing. In addition, Primetime includes DualTi Reinforcement, which provides excellent edge management, and Racing Sidewall Technology, which provides direct power transmission. The Amphibio profile combines rocker on the outer edges for easy turning and camber on the inner edges for optimum edge grip.

The Primetime line is handcrafted in the heart of the Slovenian Alps using 100 percent electricity from renewable sources, with a significant portion generated directly from solar panels.

“The most important aspect of Elan’s philosophy is to inspire skiers to spend more time outdoors,” Primožič added. “We realized that within the category of skis designed for traditional slopes, there was a need for new excitement and innovation in the industry, so we created a line that provides unparalleled fun and carving experiences. The line features an appropriate model for every level of ability and experience, making the collection perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy an unforgettable day on the slopes with friends.”

The eight models in Elan’s Primetime line.

Primetime 55 and 5, accurate and immediate

For those who like to have fun. The most precise ski in the collection, with quick and easy edge changes and unmatched carving possibilities.

Primetime 55+ and 4+, curves of champions

Safe skiing models, offering support and balance without losing maneuverability.

Primetime 44 and 4, fast and easy skiing

Special carving performance and fun skiing with this model, ideal for those who enjoy effortless carving turns.

Primetime 33 and 3, pure adrenaline

Versatile style with quick edge to ensure high-energy experiences.

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