The North Face presents the new NSE2 drop

The North Face presents the new NSE2 drop

The North Face unveils the second drop of the NSE collection, inspired by the beauty that springs from the encounter between nature and the urban world.

Designed for those who, like Kam-BU, the artist who collaborated on the collection, seek in nature an oasis of tranquility and a refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Following the first spring drop of the NSE collection, which drew inspiration from underground rave culture, this second drop celebrates the power of meditation.

The North Face and the artist wanted to redefine the meaning of exploration that combines the vitality of the city with the serenity of nature. A symbol of the balance between escapism in the mountains and the grit typical of urban streets, the new NSE collection is the result of lovingly crafted work intended to bring out the explorer that resides within each of us.

Kam-BU is an emerging artist and climate activist, a musician whose sound is inspired by British rap, rave culture, and his Jamaican roots. The collection, which grew out of Kam-BU’s personal exploration experience, was entirely photographed in her plot of land, where she finds refuge from the city, and in Crane Valley Nature Park, a nature reserve where the artist volunteers for the London Wildlife Trust.

In an attempt to define the origin of the inspiration behind this collection, Kam-BU said, “I draw inspiration from open spaces and nature. It is as if my mind, for a short time, completely immerses itself in those settings to enjoy them fully, concentrating on the sounds of nature and focusing only on what I have to do at that moment“.

Featuring a wide range of color variations and spring-inspired abstract patterns, this drop was created for those who wish to explore the city without sacrificing style and discover new spaces in which to find inspiration, which only comes from the beauty of the unknown.

The main items that make up this Drop include the Convin anorak and pant for men, the Dybaka Summer jacket and pant for women, the Explore Cap, and the VECTIV Taraval Tech shoe.

The NSE collection is available for purchase at
and at selected stores.

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