The Traditionalist: Jacopo Larcher x The North Face

The North Face Jacopo Larcher

The Traditionalist: Jacopo Larcher x The North Face

The North Face Jacopo Larcher

The Traditionalist: new series of The North Face shorts featuring Jacopo Larcher

In 2019, Jacopo Larcher completed the “Tribe” project in Cadarese, Italy, a feat that was widely admired in the climbing world. Recognized as one of the best global climbers, Larcher tackled Tribe after a series of challenging climbs in different climbing styles. However, he did not want to assign a specific grade to Tribe, leaving it up to the climbing community to interpret its difficulty. Many saw Tribe as the most challenging trad route in the world, although Larcher maintained a more nuanced view.

His experience is the focus of The Traditionalist, a three-part YouTube series produced by The North Face and directed by Andrea Cossu. The series takes viewers on an exploratory journey through the different cultures of traditional climbing around the world, from Yosemite to the United Kingdom to continental Europe, highlighting the history, ethics and communities that define the practice. Through The Traditionalist, Larcher invites reflection on the true essence of trad climbing and what it means to take on the toughest challenges, offering a unique perspective on the value and complexity of this discipline.

Chapter 1: USA – Yosemite National Park, California

Larcher’s journey begins in the iconic Yosemite Valley, a place climbers around the world dream of visiting someday. With a fresh perspective, Jacopo immerses himself in local trad culture, experimenting with classic climbs in the area and pushing his limits on one of the world’s most challenging and famous trad routes, “Meltdown.” His appreciation for the history of the valley and his insights into the unique style of granite climbing make this an unforgettable starting point for the series.

Chapter 2: United Kingdom – The Cradle of Trad

The second chapter takes Larcher to the United Kingdom, where trad climbing has deep roots in local climbing ethics and history. Tackling the physical and mental challenges of the Peak District’s notorious routes, Jacopo’s exploration sheds light on the distinct style of British climbing. The contrasts between the powerful but safe climbing of Yosemite and the mentally challenging climbs of the UK highlight the diversity of trad climbing itself. Release: today, March 22.

Chapter 3: Mainland Europe – Return to the Beginnin

To complete his journey, Larcher returns to continental Europe, revisiting some of his favorite climbs and exploring the new frontiers of trad climbing through his first ascents. His reflections on the evolution of trad climbing in Europe, combined with his commitment to environmental respect and creative expression, offer a hopeful and inspiring vision for the future of the discipline. Release: March 29.

The Traditionalist is an invitation to understand the soul of trad climbing. Jacopo Larcher, through his incredible climbs and reflections, reveals the depth, diversity and dedication that trad climbing embodies.

In Italy, The Traditionalist will be the focus of the May 10 evening within the Melloblocco 2024 program, during which Jacopo will tell climbing enthusiasts about himself.

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