Vibram Fivefingers, even more eco-friendly

Vibram Fivefingers, even more eco-friendly

Vibram has taken an eco-friendly direction in the design of some models of its popular Vibram FiveFingers.

The company, always on the lookout for innovative solutions, has directed its research toward the development of more responsible compounds and the selection of materials with reduced environmental impact, without compromising the brand’s signature grip and durability performance.

With a desire to combine quality and performance, Vibram developed the Vibram Ecostep Natural compound, composed of 90 percent natural materials, which provides optimal traction on indoor and urban surfaces while maintaining the same ground grip and durability as other Vibram signature compounds. In addition, the company uses dyes derived exclusively from natural pigments to make the soles of Eco models.

Highlights of the proposed Eco minimalist footwear include the Vibram FiveFingers KSO Eco and Vibram FiveFingers VI-B Eco, which are suitable for everyday use and activities such as fitness, dance and yoga.

Vibram FiveFingers KSO Eco is the first minimalist shoe equipped with a Vibram Ecostep Natural compound outsole. At only 3 mm thick, KSO Eco is one of Vibram FiveFingers’ most minimal models. The original color of the soles is obtained by extraction of 100% natural pigments from plants or by drying techniques. In addition, the upper of KSO Eco is made of hemp, one of the strongest natural fibers, which provides superior comfort and durability compared to classic cotton. This shoe is ideal for everyday use in a variety of contexts, thanks to its versatility: it is perfect for indoor workouts, functional fitness, yoga and pilates, but at the same time it is also suitable for urban use, for those who wish to feel the ground with the sensation of being barefoot.

Vibram offers the Vibram FiveFingers VI-B Eco women’s model. This minimalist shoe features a Vibram Ecostep Natural sole, composed of more than 90 percent natural ingredients in order to reduce environmental impact. The color of the sole is also derived entirely from natural pigments. Vibram FiveFingers VI-B Eco are lightweight and breathable, and are suitable for everyday use and for maintaining maximum ground contact during dance or yoga workouts.

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