“Built From Our Past” by Jones

“Built From Our Past” by Jones

Built From Our Past

Built From Our Past: Jones’ new film reveals the story of more than 30 years of snowboarding excellence

In the world of snowboarding, few names carry with them the same aura of experience and dedication as Jeremy Jones. With more than 30 years in the field, from World Cup competitions to epic adventures in Alaska, Jones is a true icon in the snowboarding world. And now, his new video, “Built From Our Past,” offers a compelling look behind the scenes, revealing the history of each piece of equipment that bears his name.

The new video, “Built From Our Past,” is a visual tribute to an extraordinary career and corporate philosophy, a dive into the heart of Jones’ legacy, highlighting the passion and experience that permeates every edge and every technology implemented in their products. Prepare to be inspired and discover some of the time-tested tools that have defined the Jones brand.

You can watch the video here.

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