Patagonia Worn Wear Snow Tour 2024

Patagonia Worn Wear Snow Tour 2024

Patagonia Worn Wear Snow Tour 2024.

This winter, Patagonia’s Worn Wear repair team will be on the slopes across Europe for the Patagonia Worn Wear Snow Tour 2024.

Two mobile snow equipment repair units will travel to snowy destinations in France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. These vehicles will offer ski and snowboard enthusiasts free repair services for damaged zippers, rips, breaks, buttons, straps, and more, along with hands-on lessons on how to maintain equipment themselves.

The Worn Wear initiative, sponsored by Patagonia, promotes extending the life of clothing. Patagonia’s repair team, present on both vehicles, will provide free repair services on clothing of any brand, following the order of arrival.

“As a clothing industry, it is essential that we urgently stop viewing our planet as an expendable resource. In response to the current climate emergency, a collective reflection on how we source, produce, market and retire our products is inevitable,” says Willem Swager, Director of Finance and Operations, Patagonia EMEA.

The original wooden trailer and a second UK-specific repair vehicle were handcrafted to reach the most remote locations in Europe. They will house technical equipment for repairs and provide not only technical assistance but also hot chocolate and a positive atmosphere on the slopes. They will also offer informational sessions on how to keep snow gear in top condition for multiple seasons, teaching practices such as repairing, waterproofing, and adjusting zippers.

Why Worn Wear?

Patagonia’s Worn Wear program was launched in 2013 to incentivize people to take care of their gear, washing and, if necessary, repairing it. Extending the life of our garments, through proper care and repair, is the most effective strategy for reducing our environmental impact while avoiding the need to purchase new garments over time. This helps to reduce CO2 emissions, waste generation and water use required for their manufacture.

According to the British group WRAP, keeping our clothing in use for just nine more months reduces our carbon footprint, waste and water use by 20-30% each, as less is produced and disposed of. To further boost repairs in Europe, Patagonia has partnered with the United Repair Centre and opened repair facilities in Amsterdam and London, with the goal of repairing 100,000 garments per year by 2028.

Worn Wear in Figures (2023)


More than 30 Worn Wear repair events
More than 23,000 garments repaired
More than 110 repair centers throughout Europe
15 repair partners

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