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5 good reasons to see “Non voglio cambiare pianeta” by Lorenzo Jovanotti

By Marta Manzoni

I’ve seen the sixteen episodes of Non voglio cambiare Pianeta (I have no wish to change my planet) all in a row: it is extraordinary. Lorenzo Jovanotti in his docu-trip available on RaiPlay, tells about his bike journey, alone, between Chile and Argentina through 4,000 km.

Non voglio cambiare Pianeta is a hymn to life, a continuous source of inspiration, full of fantasy, spectacular landscapes, artistic expressions, multicultural encounters and spiritual experiences. It is a fusion of 5 elements: travelling, outdoor & sustainability, culture, music and happiness. An important project precisely because it reaches a mainstream audience, surpassing the target of his fans. 


1. Travelling

“After every important thing that happens in my life, I love to take a trip because I need to be alone and feel inside myself what has happened” says the musician. A journey that the singer began to imagine during the Summer 2019 Jova Beach Party: “I left to distance myself from everyone, reflect and prepare for the future. I came back and was forced to stay away from others and unprepared for this present” he continues. “I wanted to share this experience during the lockdown because it is the day-to-day effort, with seemingly unreachable peaks, endless roads that can be tackled, one pedal stroke at a time, to reach any places”. The “short movie”, as he calls it, takes its title from a verse from Pablo Neruda‘s poem Lazybones, which introduces Lorenzo Cherubini’s perspective: “I have no wish to change my planet, because I’m fine with it. It’s spectacular, I like it, it shouldn’t be changed. It is up to us to change ourselves in order to live in it”. Many reflections on the interpretation of the concept of travel: “tourism must be distinguished from travel. I don’t care about organized trips, I like when I don’t know what I’ll find. I never collect many info and I only plan the bare essentials”.


2. Outdoor, sustainability & cycling tourism

For the songwriter is important to raise public awareness about a lower environmental impact also through his personal commitment, as happened with the partnership with the WWF. The artist expresses his thoughts on sustainability, beyond any religious belief. “Maybe dying is just like that: being completely melted and part of the elements” he speculates. Instinctive by nature, he defines himself as an animal because he feels like always having an exchange with other living beings. “Usually the moments you remember from travelling are those hardly conquered”, the bike is the perfect companion with whom sweat towards each goals, satisfy the desire to discover and the search for beauty. On the saddle you can grasp the positive power of this tool: the songwriter met many lonely touring cyclists, coming from every corner of the globe, some have been riding for months, others for years.

3. Culture

Non voglio cambiare pianeta is the celebration of knowledge and intellect: Jovanotti has a crazy culture and is a master in transmitting it. Many tributes to artists and sportsmen, from the present and the past, among them: Pantani, Evita, Che Guevara, Primo Levi, Mariangela Gualtieri, Erri De Luca, Pablo Neruda, Jorge Carrera Andrade, Antonio Machado and Julio Cortázar, writer of Hopscotch (Rayuela). And then Tiziano Terzani. “Poetry has been a great friend in these lockdown days, so every micro episode – that lasts about 15 minutes – ends with a poem”.


4. Music

Culture also means music: Jovanotti took care the soundtrack of Non voglio cambiare pianeta as soon as he got back, guitar in hand, composing unpublished texts and arranging great classics, reinterpreted with a touch of South America. “A music commenting images can free you from the precise structure of a song, it allows you to make mistakes and leaves room for the energy of the moment. Is very funny!”. Among the many artistic testimonies, Jovanotti accompanies us on a visit to the home of Carlos Gardel, an Argentine musician famous for tango. “Music and bike are very similar: the more you are immersed into it and see yourself from the outside, the more you concentrate and your head takes unexpected directions”.


5. Happines

“We will never stop looking for happiness through music, and above all through love. Happiness is a condition of movement, it is the perception that can flourish. It is a short emotion, which lasts a moment. It is not a static thing: it is that emotion when you feel yourself becoming something better, it is a promise realized in a moment within you, in the form of a strong wonder”. The musical-adventurous docu-trip is a manifesto of joie de vivre. The artist’s daring and folkloric digressions are exceptional, a culmination of imagination. A contagious optimism, crazy and ingenious energy, the pure embodiment of his famous  “Penso positivo” (I think positive) refrain. Non voglio cambiare Pianeta ends with a quote by Luis Sepùlveda taken from the book The Story of a Seagull and the Cat Who Taught Her to : “Only those who dare may fly”.

“We will never stop looking for happiness through music, and above all through love. Happiness is a condition of movement, it is the perception that can flourish. It is a short emotion, which lasts a moment..”

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