Fjällräven Classic Sweden 2023

Fjällräven Classic Sweden 2023

Fjällräven Classic Sweden: the numbers for the 2023 edition of the “unplugged” trek in Swedish Lapland

110 km to walk, 6 nights in tents and 1 backpack to carry necessities. The one promoted by Fjällräven, the outdoor clothing, accessories and equipment brand. is a challenge to discover the wilderness of Swedish Lapland. Since the first edition back in 2005, the event has accumulated more and more success and in 2023 was attended by more than 1,600 people from 44 different nations, confirming it as an international benchmark for outdoor and trekking lovers. An outdoor experience away from technology, without connection and ability to communicate with anyone outside of one’s fellow travelers.

The history of the Fjällräven Classic

It is the landscapes of Sweden’s far north that have inspired Fjällräven products. Wild lands, year-round snow-capped peaks, and lakes with crystal-clear water for hundreds of miles make it necessary to have reliable outdoor clothing and equipment that can withstand long periods of exposure in hostile terrain. And it was in Nordic Sweden that the first Fjällräven Classic took place in 2005, the trekking event created to prove that anyone, with good preparation and the right equipment, is capable of tackling a journey into the heart of the wilderness. The very first edition gathered 152 people, mainly from Sweden, ready to backpack the 110 kilometers between Nikkaluokta and Abisko.

An “unplugged” event

Everything he or she needs, the participant loads on his or her shoulders, including what is delivered on departure: camping gas bottle, garbage bags, toilet paper, freeze-dried food rations-all in a backpack. Nothing else is needed, not least because the well-mapped route is marked by the presence of checkpoints where staff and volunteers are ready to step in if needed. Internet connection is absent for the entire duration of the trip. Benefiting are the other connections, the interpersonal ones, cemented by an incredible experience in the wilderness. In Sweden there are no restrictions on overnight camping in public and private areas. This, combined with the freedom of pace of travel, allows the route not to get crowded, despite the high number of participants. In Abisko, the finishing point, a party welcomes all participants. Indeed, the goal of the event is to encourage more and more people to get closer to nature. The event offers inspiration, knowledge and sharing, but most importantly, the rediscovery of a deep connection with oneself.

A global event

Given the grand success of the event, Fjällräven has exported the format to other countries as well: Hong Kong, Colorado (U.S.), Denmark, Germany, the United Kingdom and Korea. With the beauty of their landscapes and a wealth of hiking trails, the new locations allow even more people to extend the opportunity to take part in the experience.

To find out about the routes, get more information and register for future editions of the event, a dedicated portal is available:

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